Create Kick-Ass GoPro Videos with Premiere Elements

From importing clips to syncing your movie to music, this Premiere Elements Masterclass will uncover the mysteries behind creating fun-to-watch hobby videos, family movies, and GoPro edits that will “WOW” your friends and family.

What is Premiere Elements Masterclass?

This Masterclass is designed to walk you through creating your first awesome hobby video or family movie using Adobe Premiere Elements editing software.

This is a 4-Week Digital Class Designed For Beginners.

Premiere Elements Masterclass is a 4-week group program created by Meredith Marsh from VidProMom. Meredith has been teaching video editing since 2015 and has seen (almost?) all the questions and figured out the answers.

What makes videos fun to watch?

What makes the editing process go quicker?

How do I start making my own video?

This Masterclass will take you from confused to creating videos that will leave your friends and family wondering how in the world you did it.


‣ The first 3 weeks of the Masterclass include video lessons by Meredith, created specifically for beginners.

‣ During week 4, you can submit your project to Meredith for feedback

‣ Week 4 is a showcase students videos and ideas for areas of improvement on student-submitted videos.

‣ Premiere Elements Masterclass is an all-digital program, and all video lessons will be available to you for 12+ months.

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What's included with

Premiere Elements Masterclass?

‣ 3 In-Depth Video Lessons on topics like Getting Started with Premiere Elements– Importing clips; Transitions, Titles, and Syncing Your Movie with Your Music; Creative uses for Fast Forward and Slow Motion; Color Correction; and more!

‣ Individual feedback on progress and videos from Meredith, via email.

Bonus: access to “6 Keys to Killer GoPro Videos” Mini-course for free

‣ 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

“The format is excellent. Smooth, clear audio and video. I learned how to cut my editing time way down using your tips for markers, and other shortcuts. Yes, I would and have recommended it.” – Victor

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Simply let me know within 30 days of course purchase that you gave it a go and it’s just not for you, and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

When you enroll in Premiere Elements Masterclass

‣ You will get the intro lesson, plus Lesson 1 directly in your inbox

‣ You will get the next lessons each week throughout the course

‣ You will get access to the bonus mini-course, “6 Keys to Killer GoPro Videos” so you can start shooting killer videos right away, that you can edit during the Masterclass.

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How is the Premiere Elements Masterclass

different than free YouTube videos?

‣ YouTube tutorials are designed to cover just the basics, not the details that beginners often get hung up on.

‣ Some of Meredith's YouTube tutorials have thousands of views but the tutorials themselves are outdated!

‣ Meredith responds directly to enrolled students' questions via email and on the live Q&A.

What if I don’t have any great footage? 

No worries! Use the bonus mini-course, “6 Keys to Killer GoPro Videos” to get started with shooting some awesome footage.

If you like Meredith's style of teaching through YouTube videos, you will LOVE this course.

Video edit should be fun! Right?

4 Week Masterclass


Getting Started with Premiere Elements

Learn how the Premiere Elements workflow works

Importing clips to the organizer

Forming a story for a video that will be fun to watch and edit

Making Your Edits

Learn your way around the Expert View

Trim, Cut, and Adjust your clips to keep the best parts

Syncing background music with your movie

Make Your Edits Awesome!

Add Titles and Transitions without it looking “cheesy”

Zoom and crop your footage to perfection

Slow Motion and Fast Forward enhances the fun of your video


Feedback For Improvements

Meredith will answer remaining questions

Showcase of students videos

Meredith will provide feedback for improvements moving forward

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What was that about a bonus?

Creating awesome GoPro videos starts with shooting awesome footage.

6 Keys to Killer GoPro Videos is a mini course that is only available as a bonus! That means it's not available anywhere else online, but here.


This mini-course is designed to help you simplify the process of creating videos… from shooting to editing to sharing. There are 6 video lessons in this bonus course, and you can watch them before, during, or after the Masterclass. This is a guide you can come back to anytime.

The Premiere Elements Masterclass is designed for beginners, and is aimed at getting your first video created by the end of lesson 2. If you have tons of footage just waiting to be edited… now is the time!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Simply let me know within 30 days of purchase that you gave it a go and it’s just not for you, and I’ll refund 100% of your money.
About your Host & Instructor


I see my life whizzing by so freaking fast, it’s like a blur. Yes– I capture footage on my GoPro (and iPhone, and DSLR camera) and I, too, have a massive amount of un-editing videos! One of my fears is that my external hard drive will crash and I’ll lose it all before I get it edited and up on Facebook or YouTube.

I teach regular, every-day people–anyone who will listen–that it IS important to capture moments on video and get those videos into a watchable, shareable format.


Because when they're gone…. they're gone.

  • You’ve had a blast figuring out how to use your capturing life's re-livable moments, but editing the footage is a whole different ball game.
  • You’re not a “I'll figure it out myself” kind of person
  • You have Godzillian gigs of un-edited videos taking up space on your hard drive, memory cards, or worse… floating around somewhere in the cloud.

Yes or No: The whole reason for recording life moments on camera is so that you can re-live those moments and share them with friends, family, and future generations.

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