GoPro Grip – Floating Handle For GoPro Review

GoPro Grip – Floating Handle For GoPro Review

I always recommend that you use some kind of a handle when shooting with your GoPro – always.

I don't know why, but I put off ever getting a handle for way too long. And when you're holding a GoPro with your hands, it's impossible to not pick up the sound of your fingers near the mic.

And I have a couple of GoPro grips and a selfie stick now. My favorite ones though are the floating ones!

If you're going to have a handle, you might as well get one that floats. Right?

Steve from sent me his Floating GoPro Handle to review. And I gotta say – yes, it's just another floating GoPro grip BUT – my friends – the mount part unscrews, making it a tripod mount.

gopro grip - floating handle colors

And if you've been following me for a while you know that I'm annoyed the GoPros don't come with a tripod mount!

gopro grip - floating handle 2
Check out Ho Stevie's GoPro grip and other awesome accessories at sent me the Floating GoPro Handle to review. No, that doesn’t affect my opinion of this product. 


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