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START HERE with GoPro Studio for Video Editing

So you want to create awesome home movies using GoPro Studio video editing software? I’m glad you’re here! I have tons of GoPro Studio Tutorials. GoPro Studio is free video editing software from GoPro, available for Mac and PC. It’s a great platform for learning how to edit hobby videos and GoPro videos, or even family movies.

GoPro Studio Tutorials – Getting Started

Let’s get right down to business with GoPro Studio! In the following tutorial series, we’ll cover where to download GoPro Studio, plus importing clips, editing multiple clips together, adding some pizzaz with music, transitions, and titles, then creating a timelapse, followed by addition tips and tricks. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can find it again later!

10 Essential Steps to Awesome GoPro VideosWant to learn more about creating awesome GoPro videos?

Download this quick reference, which walks you through the elements of an awesome GoPro video, from shooting to editing.

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