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Gopro Studio Tutorial:

Get Started with GoPro Studio

So you want to create awesome home movies using GoPro Studio video editing software? I’m glad you’re here for this GoPro Studio Tutorial 🙂 GoPro Studio is free video editing software from GoPro, the now-famous extreme camera maker. It’s completely free, and available for Mac and PC. It’s a great platform for learning how to edit digital videos. And it’s perfect for creating home movies.

Part 1: Intro to GoPro Studio

Let’s get right down to business with GoPro Studio! In this first part, we’ll cover where to download GoPro Studio, plus importing clips, trimming a clip, learning the time line, and exporting a basic movie. Ready? Let’s go!


Part 2: Editing Multiple Clips

Moving right along, let’s use a more “real world” situation and start creating a home movie with multiple clips. For example, from a day of vacation at Hershey Park. Get started on Part 2!

Part 3: Adding Music, Transitions, & Titles

Let’s add some style and pizzaz to your movie! Is pizzaz still a word? Either way, adding music will make your movie a lot more interesting. Let’s go!

Part 4: Create a Time Lapse in GoPro Studio

Time lapses are great in family videos and home movies. Don’t think they have to be for sun rises and sun sets or dramatic sky scenes! Creating a time lapse in GoPro Studio incredibly easy. Let’s Get Started!


Part 5: Tips, Tricks & “Flux”

We are back with Part 5 of our Get Started with GoPro Studio series! This week we are talking tips and tricks. The biggest trick that I see people doing is slow motion with Flux. Check it out!


Part 6: Exporting Your Video in GoPro Studio

Part 6: Exporting your GoPro Studio Video

Let’s wrap up this GoPro Studio series, shall we!? You’ve learned the whole editing process now, so let’s export that bad boy so you can show it to the world! It’s not a complicated process. Check it out.



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