Part 1: Get Started with GoPro Studio

Part 1: Get Started with GoPro Studio

Let’s get down to business!

This, right here, is what I created this website for! To teach cool moms and dads how to create awesome home movies. And I think this is a great place to start getting down and dirty with editing video footage.

GoPro Studio is a completely free program for Mac and PC, and it’s a perfect platform for learning to edit videos like home movies. Let’s get started!

You can download GoPro Studio at

You’ll need at least one clip or one piece of footage on your computer in order to get started with GoPro Studio. In the video, I use just one clip for to get started here. Let’s not complicate things just yet, right?

In next week’s video, we’ll edit multiple clips – like what you’d have from a weekend trip or family outing.

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