Part 2: Get Started with GoPro Studio - Multiple Clips

Part 2: Put Multiple Video Clips Together in GoPro Studio

Last week, I showed you how to get started using GoPro Studio, the free software by GoPro. I covered the basics of importing a clip, trimming, editing, and exporting. Click here to refresh your memory or catch that video if you missed it.

This week is a little more of a real-world situation where I am working with multiple clips from a family vacation. This footage is from one whole day at Hershey Park from this past August.

We start with the same process as Part 1. Where we do something new and different, is in the timeline. So once you trim your clips to your desired footage, and go through the conversion, you’re ready to move your clips to your time line.

I trimmed the clips I imported, and added them to the conversion list. Before you add your trimmed clips to your coversion list, you want to check your Advanced Settings (as covered in Part 1). Don’t spend your time waiting for conversion to finish only to find you didn’t set things the way you wanted.

You can order them any way you want, but think about the video as a whole. What will be pleasing to watch? You might want it to be in order, or your might want to group clips by members or your family, or something else.

In my case, I could see we had three clear categories of footage: rides, water park, and sunset ferris wheel. I had a total of 45 clips to start with – at almost 4 gigabytes.

YIKES! That right there is a good reason to edit your family videos. Get rid of the extra gigs and footage, and keep the good stuff in one watchable movie.

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