Part 4: Create a Time Lapse in GoPro Studio

Part 4: Create a Time Lapse in GoPro Studio (REALLY EASY!)

Time lapses are great in family videos and home movies. Don’t think they have to be for sun rises and sun sets or dramatic sky scenes!

Driving in the car, playing at the beach, or just playing in general make great time lapse scenes.

Creating a time lapse in GoPro Studio incredibly easy. This is Part 4 in my “Get Started with GoPro Studio Series“.

GoProStudio reads the timestamp on each photo and knows to group the photos together into one “clip” – like a video clip.

Seriously, it’s like magic.

Now shooting time lapse on the GoPro is another topic entirely, which I will cover later. But once you have the footage, dropping it into GoPro Studio is a cinch.

Import your files just like you would video (see Part 1 of this series). GoPro studio will group your time lapses together similar to a video clip.

Now you can convert your clips just as I showed you in Part 1 – choose your Advanced Settings to remove fisheye, set quality, etc.

In the example shown in the video, I am creating a Timelapse of our trip to Hershey Park.

Like I said, easy peasy!

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