VSDC – Free Video Editor

Have you heard of VSDC? It's a free video editing software that you can use to edit any video footage–GoPro clips, iPhone clips, DSLR footage… you can even edit up to 4K with VSDC. It's completely free, and there is a Pro version (which is only $20), but honestly–you can do everything you need to with the free version. VSDC is a full-featured free video editor.

VSDC Free Video Editing Software – Beginner Editing Tutorial Series

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VSDC contacted me and we partnered together to create a series of 3 in-depth video tutorials for getting started with VSDC, and I've link to the entire series here on this page. These tutorials are geared for folks who are brand new to video editing, and who are editing GoPro clips or family movies you've shot on your phone. If that sounds like you, go ahead and download the free version of VSDC or if you want to dive right into the Pro version, you can get it half off by using this link right here.

VSDC Printable Cheat Sheet

I created a one-page printable cheat sheet for VSDC beginners. You've probably been faced with the black hole of confusion and overwhelm when opening up new video editing software for the first time… so that's why I created this cheat sheet for you! This gives you each step to get started, and it's printable so you can print it off or save it to your phone/iPad to reference later. Just enter your email into the box below and I'll send the cheat sheet directly to your inbox!

VSDC Free Video Editor Tutorial Series

Tutorial 1: Getting Started with VSDC

VSDC Free Video Editing Software – Beginner Editing Tutorial 1/3

Tutorial 2: How to Trim and Split Clips with VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editing Software – Beginner Editing Tutorial 3/3

Tutorial 3: How to add music, titles, and export videos with VSDC 

VSDC Free Video Editing Software – Beginner Editing Tutorial 3/3