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Strikingly Simple Edits with iMovie

Create amazing videos without spending hours in front of the computer figuring out the software.

JAZZ up your videos + WOW your friends and family

Meredith Marsh // VidProMomHey there! My name is Meredith and I know how frustrating it is to learn how to edit videos... you've got the awesome footage with the awesome camera, and you're ready to do something with all of it!

You want to create something fun to watch, something you can share on Facebook, something that might even leave your friends and family wondering how you created such a fun-to-watch video!

The first time I sat down to edit a family video, it took me 5 hours to figure out how to use iMovie.

And even then, I wasn't totally sure that the video I had created was that great... until I showed it to my kids and they were in complete AWE of the whole thing.

That's when I knew I needed to create more videos like that, and I knew I needed to show others how to do it too.

I created Strikingly Simple Edits (with iMovie) specifically to teach others how to achieve awesome, fun-to-watch results without spending hours and hours learning the software. This video eCourse walks you through creating amazing videos in iMovie, with exact steps from beginning to end. I created it specifically for beginners.

This eCourse will take you from TOTALLY confused to creating fun to watch videos that will WOW your friends and family.

This is a brand new program that I have put together after TONS of requests for in-depth tutorials on iMovie.
Here's what one of my past students said about my Crash Course for another editing program:

I invested in the year subscription and am not disappointed. Meredith starts off with basic, beginner information and graduates to more complex material at a comfortable rate for us newbies and I look forward to using her shared knowledge to create my masterpieces in the near future. Thank you Meredith from a happy subscriber!" (GoPro Studio Crash Course)


Here's Watcha Get with Strikingly Simple Edits:


iMovie Jumpstart

No more staring at a blank screen wondering what the heck you're looking at!

Get a handle on the software and a tour of where everything is and what it does.

Know exactly where to start every time you open up iMovie to create a new video.


The Makings of an Amazing Video

Learn how to spot the best clips to keep, and show them off!

Learn your way around the timeline so you're comfortable with adding and removing clips.

Learn the basic editing techniques: Trim, Cut, and Adjust your clips to keep the best parts.


Spice It Up

Jazz it all up without it looking "cheesy" and spending extra hours messing around with bells and buttons.

Learn how to sync background music to your video to achieve the "feel" you're hoping for.

How and where to add Titles and Transitions.

Zoom and crop your footage to perfection, learn how and when to apply slow motion and fast forward to enhance the viewing experience.

Pull off bloopers and stunts with clip modifications like Instant Replay to make your videos extra fun to watch!


Go "Pro" with Advanced Editing Techniques

Learn how to use the dual video tracks to your advantage - perfect for "talking head" style videos

Use B-Roll as a band aid and imperfections become perfect... and never worry about getting "perfect" shots every time!

Create "split edits" with iMovie's Precision Editor to make your videos more "pro" looking

This lesson will be uploaded mid-April, after input from founding participants


How is this crash course different than free YouTube videos?

My YouTube tutorials are designed to cover just the basics, not the details that beginners often get hung up on. Plus, some of my YouTube tutorials have thousands of views but the tutorials themselves are outdated!

I don't know how an online course works. Do I need to show up at a certain time?

All of the video lessons are pre-recorded, and available anytime, for as long as you need them. That means you can watch them on your own time, and re-watch them as many times as you need.

How can I get help during the eCourse?

I respond directly to enrolled students' questions via email and the comment section inside the course

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have as long as you need to complete this course, and you can watch the lesson videos as many times as you need to.

Here's what former student, Victor, had to say about the editing course he took

“The format is excellent. Smooth, clear audio and video. I learned how to cut my editing time way down using your tips for markers, and other shortcuts. Yes, I would and have recommended it.” – Victor

If you like Meredith's Workshop and style of teaching through tutorials, you will LOVE this course. Creating awesome videos should be fun... and it is!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Simply let me know within 30 days of course purchase that you gave it a go and it’s just not for you, and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

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