VidPro Studio Show – Behind The Scenes of my Podcast

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I have done a really bad job of promoting The VidPro Studio Show podcast, which is my podcast where I pick the brains of bloggers, YouTubers, and other “viral stars” in pursuit of… well ya know what… I just really wanted to pick people’s brains. Here’s a little “behind the scenes of my podcast” at how it works, because it’s completely different than making a video, honestly!

Behind the Scenes of my Podcast

So like I said, I just wanted to talk to people, and having a podcast was a great excuse to ask really smart people if I could pick their brains. I’m a natural creator/sharer so the thought of picking someone’s brain and NOT sharing that knowledge with others, somehow, just seemed pointless. I have this innate sense that whatever I learn, must also be shared with you. I can’t help it.

So I launched The VidPro Studio Show in October 2016 with an entire season of female guests. I didn’t fully intend for that, it just happened that way. The season 1 guests are all video creators in some way – Stephanie Carls, Julie Golob, Holly Gillen, Jenny On the Spot… there’s more, including a solo episode of just me, and you can find them all at vidprostudio.com.

Podcast Process

When I’m recording episodes (or planning to), I will email a potential guest and say “hey, can I interview you on my podcast, it’s called the VidPro Studio Show, blah blah, I’d love to pick your brain on ____ “. And I give them like 2-3 topics that I know they either love talking about because it’s their whole business or something that I know they want to promote, like a book or a course or something.

And some people don’t respond, which is cool, I mean, hey – I’d rather ask and get ignored, or be told no thank you, then not ask at all right?

But the really really nice people, the really smart ones, respond and say “Sure! I’d love to!” and then we book a time to record the interview.

So a couple days or the day before our scheduled interview, I send the guest a more detailed list of topics, and I ask them to let me know if there is anything specific that they’d like me to ask them about, like anything they’d like to promote. And I also ask if there is anything they DON’T want me to ask them about–some people don’t want to talk about their kids or whatever.

So then I make a call on Skype, and I use eCamm call recorder and the whole conversation gets recorded.

Then I edit the interview itself, record my intro and outro for that episode, and edit it all together into one file. Then I export as an MP3, upload to Libsyn where I host the podcast file itself, then I schedule the episode on vidprostudio.com, which is a WordPress site.

And that’s how a VidPro Studio Show podcast episode is made!

What to Expect from the Podcast in 2017

Now when I first set up to start a podcast, like I said, I didn’t fully intend for it to be an all girls club at all. Season two actually brings us some guys…. yes, we have some dudes in Season 2! Actually, at the time of me writing this post, I have an equal ratio of male to female for Season 2.

Another thing you’ll notice for sSason 2 is that I’ll be publishing a video (not a takeaway video like I did with season 1, on my other channel) on the VidProMom YouTube channel that corresponds to or it in some way a companion to each podcast episode.

I also have a sponsor for season 2, because I just launched the Kick-Ass Edits Masterclass so if you haven’t heard me talk about that yet, then, lucky you! But yes the Masterclass is open for enrollment so I’m going to sponsor my own podcast.

In the very first episode of season 2, publishing next week, I’m hosting a little giveaway and I chat with one of my favorite YouTubersers and mentors, the Vlog Boss herself, Amy Schimittauer from the Savvy Sexy Social YouTube channel and author of the book, “Vlog Like A Boss.”

More on that episode next week, but make sure you find AND SUBSCRIBE to The VidPro Studio Show podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google play so you don’t miss out on that upcoming giveaway.