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Best GoPro Tutorial Channels On YouTube

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Hey ya know I’m not the only one on YouTube with GoPro Tutorials and How-To videos, right? There are some other fantastic channels that have fun videos and GoPro tutorials, and I think you’d like to check some of them out.

Mitch Bergsma

Mitch has TONS of videos, TONS of subscribers, and TONS of fun on his YouTube channel. He has TONS of GoPro Tutorials as well, from using the camera to editing, plus he does product reviews and all that jazz. One really cool thing about Mitch is that the is deaf. You would think this would hinder his ability to create awesome videos but NOPE. Not at all. He is so animated in how he explains things and usually captions his videos so you know exactly what he is saying. Click here to subscribe to MicBergsma.

One of my favorite of Mitch’s videos is where he used a GoPro to capture his underwater engagement. Yes, it is as cool as it sounds. Click here to watch Mitch & Lori’s Underwater Engagement.

Jeremy Sciarappa

Jeremy has a ton of GoPro tips and tricks. One of his GoPro Tips & Tricks videos has over 200,000 views, and he has a new one up just recently as well. Click here to Subscribe to Jeremy Sciarappa.

GoPro Fanatics

AJ at GoPro Fanatics puts out some great tutorial videos on occasion. Click here to Subscribe to GoProFanatics.

Who are your favorite GoPro Tutorial Channels on YouTube? Let me a comment below for suggestions that I can check out for myself! Oh and if you’re not already, hop over to the VidProMom YouTube channel and subscribe there too 🙂

Best GoPro Tutorial Channels On YouTube

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