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Easy Time Lapse Editing Tip

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If you have time lapse footage on your hard drive waiting to be edited, try this easy tip and take your time-lapse to the next level!

Time-Lapse Editing Tip

Time Lapse has become a very popular technique in films and tv shows, as well as with regular every-day video creators like you and me. Casey Neistat comes to mind as a YouTuber who uses time-lapse in like almost all his opening titles, usually of a sky or a cityscape. But have you noticed one of the really funky things Casey does in a lot of his videos? He incorporates subtle speed changes in the time lapse. Check out the opening of this video, or this one, or this one is reeeeeally good. Sometimes it’s just straight up video, not even a “time lapse”, but still, the speed change along with the music, and makes a clip that’s only a mere few seconds long, into something even more captivating and catchy.

Easy Time Lapse Speed Change

I’m using Premiere Elements here in this tutorial, but you can use any editor as long as you have the ability split your clips, and then adjust the speed of your clips (Near the end of this video, I also show you how I do this in Premiere Pro). Time Lapse Editing Tip (Easy) Basically, what we’re going to do here is split our clip into two sections. We’re going to leave the side on the left at regular speed, but the one on the right we’re going to either speed it up or slow it down. Or we can slow down the one on the left and keep the one on the right at regular speed. Play around with this function. It all depends on your footage, your music, and the effect you’re going for. Play around with it and see what works best for your project.  Time Lapse Editing Tip (Easy!)

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