GoPro Gift Ideas for First Time GoPro Users

Is it too early to talk about Christmas gifts? I don't think so!

Maybe you're a first time GoPro'er or you're buying for a first timer in your life, either way, let's talk about the top 5 gifts for the first time GoPro user in your life!

1. Hand Grip or Handle for GoPro

GoPole BOBBER! floating grip accessory for GoPro Cameras

I recommend a handle for the GoPro – not a telescoping thing like a selfie stick, but a regular old handy hand grip, like this:

2. Memory Cards

You're definitely going to need a really good memory card! This is important because you HAVE to get the right kind for GoPros.

3. Extra Batteries

GoPro batteries never last as long as you hope that they will. Extra batteries and a charger are always a good idea with GoPros. They're not super pricey so it's worth it to have atleast two.

4. Mounts

Think about the person you're buying for, and what hobbies and activities they will be doing with their GoPro, and get them a mount for that activity! You can get a suction cup mount, the jaws clip, or really,any kind of GoPro Mount!

5. Body Mounts

So if you're not sure what your gift receiver will be doing with their GoPro, body mounts are always a good, versatile choice. I've got the head strap mount and use it often!

Headstrap Mount when swimming across Keuka Lake


Join me next week, when I think I'll talk about GoPro gifts for the GoPro Enthusiast who has EVERYTHING!



  1. Peter Cook

    Hi Meredith, first I must thank you very much for all your interesting video tutorials and I can now make decent films with my Gopro camera.
    My main problem now is that when I export a completed film to DVD and put the film onto a DVD disc it doesn’t play on my DVD player. Can you give me some more advice on this subject please ?. Does it matter which type of DVD I use such as -R or +R etc. I live in Australia and we use the PAL TV system here. I can upload to YouTube and transfer a film to my smart phone etc but cannot make a DVD that plays on a normal DVD player. Maybe you could do a short tutorial on that subject please.
    My next question is can you tell me if I can make a “slideshow” of my still photos with music using the Gopro Studio editing software please ?. Maybe you could do a short video tutorial of that subject please.
    Bye for now and thanks again, keep up the good work,

    Peter Cook in Townsville, Queensland

    • Meredith

      Hi Peter,

      I’ve actually never exported video to real DVDs before, so I’m afraid I can’t help you there! I will add that to my list of tutorials to create!

      You *can* make a slideshow in GoPro Studio but it can be a little tricky:

      Hope that helps!



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