GoPro Hero 5 Black for Beginners + GoPro Settings Cheat Sheet

In this GoPro Hero 5 Black for Beginners series, I cover everything you need to know out of the box, plus provide a GoPro Settings Cheat Sheet that I want you to have! It's a one-page printable reference you can keep with your GoPro gear or save it to your phone, or iPad so you have it handy. We'll cover all the GoPro settings you'll ever want to know about through this month, but go ahead and download the cheat sheet now so you have it handy!

Click here to grab my GoPro Settings Cheat Sheet!

This month's “30 Days of GoPro – a Guide for Beginners” series is going to cover everything Hero 5 Black… from unboxing and figuring out what comes with it, to settings, modes, etc… everything! I will be publishing a brand new video every day during the 30 days, and each video will be added to the 30 Days of GoPro playlist below. If you want to get each video as soon as I upload them through the month of April, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I will post updates here on this post throughout the month, but you won't be seeing a brand new blog post for every video. Everything will be easy to find, right here on this page!

30 Days of GoPro – a Guide for Beginners Playlist

Gear Mentioned in 30 Days of GoPro

GoPro Cameras

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro Hero5 Session

GoPro Accessories

Spivo Stick – rotating selfie stick

GoPro 3-way Handle

GoPro Powerbank

UK Pro POV Handle

GoPro Headstrap Mount

GoPro Chesty – Chest Mount

GoPro Handler

OCC Selfie Pole

GoPro Seeker Backpack

Tenba 14L Action Pack

GoPole Bobber

GoPro Jaws Clamp Mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

Memory Cards

check with to verify if these cards will work in your camera


p style=”text-align: center;”><a href=” rel=“nofollow” target=“_blank”>SandDisk Extreme 32gb 

SandDisk Extreme Plus 64gb

Samsung 64gb PRO class

Lexar 664 64gb

Background Music


Video Editing Software & Apps

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Clip for iOS

Quik app for iOS

Splice for iOS

VideoShop for iOS

Other Stuff

GDrive 4TB External Hard Drive

30 Days of GoPro – a Guide for Beginners by Meredith from


  1. Hi Meridth
    First a BIG Thank you for the trouble you have gone to for “New beginners” using 30 Days GoPro for beginners , you advise has been very helpful.
    I am base in the England, Europe and we use PAL Video format, can you use advise what settings to set the Gopro namely 1080p at what ??? Frames per minute.same settings .( You set at 1080p/30fps for NTSC)
    One final question editing Videos on your Gopro 30 days refer to create for 15 secs plus.How can you set to create a video for longer periods namely 3- 5 minutes
    Thanks once again and I hope to hear from you.

    • Thanks Peter! For PAL, when I say 30fps you can use 25fps. You’d have to use some better video editing software (not Quik) to edit longer than a minute. Try here:

  2. hi, vidpro mom,
    i just got my gopro hero5 black ad I am at witts end.. I watched your video of opening the box. there are several things different. My box looks sorta different and the big disapointment ” It did not have the books that were on top before opening up the white box. I am very distressed!!! I have had this since Christmas and still can not figure it out… I called both numbers and got someone outside the USA.. Can you help me get the books. I am sooo upset i am filing a complaint with the BBB. I will continue to watch your videos they are very informative.
    mary G

    • Hi Mary, that stinks. I know that you can find the pdf version of the user manuals on their website. Other than that, I’m not sure what you can do.

  3. I watch Mr. blockheadmoto and bike and bird on a YouTubechannel . Bike and Bird uses gorilla stand. I am asking is good for vloging and motovolging for beginners like me. Starting out to volging. Thanks for helpful videos

    • Gorilla stands are great!

  4. First thanks for the videos. I ride a motorcycle and I have the gopro 5 mounted to the front of my helmet . All I get is wind noise have the wind noise reduction on, no help. Please any advise

  5. your videos are so crystal clear

  6. I’m having a problem with some of my converted videos. After my videos have completed the conversion process some of them did not save in there entirety for editing. E.G., if i converted two videos, each 60 seconds long, only one was saved for all 60 seconds while the other only saved 10 seconds of video. I’m using the latest version of GoPro Studio to edit my videos using my HERO3+ camera. Last year i used an earlier version of GoPro Studio and did not experience this problem. Thank You.

    • Hi Robert, I wish I had a solution for you but I’m not sure there is one. GoPro Studio is pretty buggy! Here’s a list of other GoPro software options:

  7. When you talk about FLUX. is it a acumen? when I hear flux I think of MIG welding.



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