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GoPro Hero4 Session Accessories

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Remember how GoPro sent me the new Hero4 Session last week? Still loving it! I sent it along with my parents on their Alaskan Cruise actually. How much do you wanna bet it’s the first and only GoPro Session on an Alaskan Cruise right now? Can’t wait to see their footage!

Here’s the Hero4 Accessories that came with the package that GoPro sent me. These are just some of the accessories that are available for the Session. We did put the floaty to good use, and when I get the footage edited, I’ll throw it over to YouTube.

Disclaimer: GoPro did send me the GoPro Hero4 Session Reviewer’s Box as a courtesy – I guess because I’m awesome. No really, my opinions of GoPro and the Hero4 Session are not and will not be affected by any free merchandise provided by GoPro.

Hero4 Session Unboxing - NEW GoPro Hero4 Session!
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Hero4 Session Unboxing - NEW GoPro Hero4 Session!
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