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30 Days of GoPro is my series covering everything you need to know as a new GoPro owner, from unboxing to choosing optimal video settings, and much more! Click here for my entire playlist of tutorials.

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GoPro Swivel Mount: Spivo Stick is Sweet!
The Spivo Stick is a popular GoPro accessory!! I think it’s great, it’s totally unique and makes a great gift (for you or someone else, ha!). Grab the Spivo Stick here and use the coupon code “VIDPROMOM” at checkout to save a few bucks.

Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect "half underwater" shot with your GoPro camera? The answer is a GoPro dome port! The dome port works by creating a large dome-shaped lens that covers your GoPro's lens, allowing a perfect over/under split shot. It makes for a really unique photo or video!
I have the PolarPro “Fifty Fifty” Dome Port and it works just the way I hoped. It’s constructed really well and PolarPro is one of my favorite GoPro accessory brands.