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Join VidProMom’s Private GoPro Facebook Group

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If you are on my email list, then this is ooooooold news to you. By the way, why aren’t you on my email list? Anyway, I launched a GoPro Facebook group just for GoPro Users a few weeks ago and I am biased, but this is the best GoPro-related Facebook group ever.

Why is it the best GoPro Facebook group ever?

One, because it’s mine 🙂 and two, because there are no spammers! No one pushing products constantly or anything like that. I’m in a few groups like that and it gets old real quick.

I just wanted a Facebook group where people could get help and advice on using a GoPro, editing, and shooting. And the GoPro Enthusiasts Facebook group is EXACTLY that. Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and really helpful.

So I invite you to join the fun and hop into the group. Click here to get the link–give me your email address and I’ll send you the link to the group right away. Sound good? Awesome. Click here.

This GoPro Facebook group has grown WAY faster than I thought it would, and it’s full of really helpful, nice people with all kinds of varying levels of GoPro experience. This makes it the perfect place to ask questions about accessories and mounts, how to use a GoPro, which settings to use to get certain types of shots, etc. And then people share videos and photos with tips and settings on how they “got the shot”.

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