Notice anything… different around here?

GoProMom is now VidProMom! If you follow me on social media, hint hint:

You might have noticed that I switched my usernames from gopromom to vidpromom with little or no explanation. I waited until I could get my YouTube switched over and my domain name and website migrated as well before I made it “official”.

But I am now “officially” VidProMom!

I will still continue to create content about using GoPro cameras for family videos and whatnot because deep down, I really am The GoProMom (yes The, not A).

I think right now is a good time to create my own space and not be tied to another brand (or trademark). I am writing an eBook (a real, legit, for sale eBook) this month for your guys and thinking about an eCourse and building my own brand is kinda like… duh.

Anyway, I'll catchya on the socials as VidProMom!

^^^ Again with the hints ^^^


  1. Rachel :: CanDo Kiddo

    Love the new name! And great thinking to not tie yourself to any one brand. I’m loving what you’re teaching here and we’re saving up for our first GoPro before baby #2 arrives so I can put what you share into action.

    • meredith

      Thanks Rachel! Can’t wait to see what you’ll create when you get your GoPro!


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