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Premiere Elements is by far my most recommended video editor for beginners or hobbyists.

Premiere Elements is an ideal software to learn video editing, because it's the perfect mix of beginner-friendly and advanced functionality. It's great for editing videos from your phone, DSLR, point and shoot, or an action camera like a GoPro. Whether you're looking to create home movies, GoPro videos, or YouTube videos, give Premiere Elements a try. Click here to download Premiere Elements instantly! (full disclosure: I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.)

On this page, you'll find more of my best resources for learning to use Premiere Elements, as well as recent articles and videos that I think will be of value to you.

Premiere Elements Cheat Sheet

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Recent Articles related to Premiere Elements

Fix Action Cam Footage and Edit GoPro Videos in Adobe Premiere Elements 2018

Fix Action Cam Footage and Edit GoPro Videos in Adobe Premiere Elements 2018

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I'm really excited to dive into the latest greatest version of Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 today, because it has some great new features, like the Fix Action Cam Footage Guided Edit.

Automatic editing for action camera and GoPro footage is kind of a big new thing these days. It really changes the game for a lot of people… particularly people who are new to creating fun hobby videos, family movies, or GoPro edits. You're not necessarily trying to win an Oscar–you just want to put all of your best clips together into one video that you can show off to friends and family, and be able to relive those experiences again in the future.