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Jump Start your Video Editing – SHOOT FUN / EDIT FAST CHALLENGE

Jump Start your Video Editing – SHOOT FUN / EDIT FAST CHALLENGE

The SHOOT FUN / EDIT FAST CHALLENGE is BACK! This 5-day challenge was so much fun the first time around, and I've been dying to bring it back!

The June Challenge kicks off on Monday, June 11th, 2018

The SHOOT FUN / EDIT FAST CHALLENGE is a free 5-day online event to help you jumpstart your video editing. To get access to the Challenge Facebook Group, plus all daily lessons, printable cheat sheet, and details about the Livestreams directly in your email inbox join the challenge through the form below.

During this week-long event, you will…

>> Learn where to start if you've NEVER opened a video program before

>> Discover how to SPEED UP your workflow if you're already familiar with the process

>> Find out what really makes video fun to watch

>> Receive a DAILY email from me, New tutorials and Videos, and support in the SHOOT FUN / EDIT FAST CHALLENGE Facebook group

>> Get a swift (digital) kick in the pants to STOP PROCRASTINATING on learning and editing your videos!

GoPro Hero 2018 – Pros, Cons, and Quality Comparison

GoPro Hero 2018 – Pros, Cons, and Quality Comparison

It looks like the new GoPro Hero 2018 camera is a budget-friendly action camera with some of the same capabilities as the Hero5 and Hero6 models. But is it too good to be true?

I'll be honest with you: the release of the new GoPro Hero 2018 a couple of weeks ago caught me totally off guard! Once upon a time, GoPro sent new camera models to their GoPro family members so we could check them out and spread the word ahead of time in a review, but, not this time.

Unfortunately, I don't have a personal GoPro Hero 2018 review for you, but I do have the details and I can tell you what I think about the new GoPro. There are plenty of GoPro Hero 2018 Review videos on YouTube and it's more than enough for me to form an opinion on whether GoPro's new budget action camera is worth the buy.

Gopro Hero 2018 New Gopro For 2018

Photo Credit: Tom O'Rourke in GoPro Enthusiasts Facebook Group

I know I'm not the only one who has been curious about what GoPro is up to in 2018, after slashing prices on the Hero6 Black early in the year and retiring their drone program. I don't stay on top of GoPro news as much as I used to, so it was a post in my GoPro Enthusiasts Facebook group that tipped me off on this one (thanks for the tip-off, Celine!). (Some links in this post are affiliate links, and VidProMom will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking these links.)

The new GoPro camera for 2018 is a more budget-friendly action camera than previous models, priced at $199. That $199 GoPro pricetag was formerly held by the Hero5 Session, but the Session models (both the Hero Session and Hero5 Session) appear to no longer be offered on

I don't know if they have confirmed it, but it looks like the Hero 2018 camera has replaced the Session lineup. While the Session models are not available on, you can still grab the Hero5 Session on Amazon.

With the Hero6 Black being released just last fall, initially, at $500, the $400 price of the Hero6 is a lot more reasonable, while the Hero5 is priced at $300.

Gopro Hero 2018 Review Via The Every Day Dad

GoPro Hero 2018 Review Via The Everyday Dad

New GoPro 2018 – My Thoughts

I will get into the details of the new GoPro Hero later in this post, but I want to give you my thoughts right off the bat.

There has been quite a bit of discussion in my GoPro Enthusiasts Facebook group about whether the new GoPro Hero 2018 is a decent camera and whether the $200 price tag is worth it. 

Of course, it depends, but here are my thoughts:

My guess is that GoPro wants to capture new customers who are not familiar with creating videos and who never seriously considered buying a GoPro camera. Someone who is new to video entirely, perhaps who is familiar with the GoPro brand, but was never quite sold on the idea of a $400 or $500 gadget that they never thought they needed.

There is a trade-off for everything. This should not be a surprise.

Does the GoPro Hero 2018 have all the latest, greatest features? No. But it's half the price of the GoPro model that does have all the latest, greatest features.

Does it have $200 worth of action camera features, compared to other brands? Possibly not. But it's a rugged, waterproof action camera from the world's leading manufacturer of action cameras.

Gopro Hero 6 Vs Gopro Hero 2018 Via Air Photography

GoPro Hero 6 Vs GoPro Hero 2018 via Air Photography

To me, this feels like the best budget-friendly, entry-level GoPro camera that GoPro has ever created. Not saying it's the best camera on the market (it's not), but if we're talking budget cameras, then heck yeah.

It's not perfect, it's not top of the line, and it's not for everyone. But it's a good start for:

  • someone who wants to start creating videos but doesn't have a bunch of money to spend on cameras and gear
  • someone who wants to let their kids have a field day with a GoPro but doesn't trust them to keep track of a $400 camera
  • someone who wants to buy into the GoPro brand but has no idea what they're doing with video or cameras

The GoPro Hero 2018 is better than nothing. If it's the only model GoPro you can afford, then by all means, snag the new GoPro (or wait until the Holidays when it will probably be priced at $150).

I think the bottom line is that it really is a personal decision. If you're looking for a top of the line action camera that shoots 4K, has super high frame rates, all the Protune options you could ever ask for, and tons of other brilliant features, the Hero6 Black is your best bet.

If you can't afford the Hero6 black for $400, consider the Hero5 Black for $300. It's almost as good as the Hero6 Black.

If $300 is still out of your price range and you really want to own a GoPro camera, then the GoPro Hero 2018 will be your new BFF. But please consider the pros, cons, and comparisons in this post before you make a buying decision.

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GoPro Hero 2018 Features & Specs

Similar to the Hero5 and Hero6 models, the new GoPro Hero for 2018 has the following classic GoPro features:

  • waterproof without a case
  • voice control
  • touch display
  • compatible with QuikStories
  • WiFi and Bluetooth compatible, connect to GoPro app
  • mountable, wearable, and rugged
  • removable battery

While the new GoPro Hero 2018 looks identical to the Hero5 and Hero6 Black models, the tech on the inside is a bit different.

The new Hero can record in two resolutions: 1440p (1920×1440) and 1080p (1920×1080, the 16:9 aspect ratio). You have two frame rates available as well: 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second.

Gopro Hero 2018 Video Settings Via Authentech

GoPro Hero 2018 Video Settings via Authentech

It does have video stabilization but does not use the same technology as the Hero6 Black's stabilization, so it's important to differentiate there. See the comparison videos below.

GoPro Hero 2018 Review – Pros

The rugged, waterproof case is a pro on the new GoPro models. The other action cameras I have used have a clunky “cheap plastic” feel and don't seem nearly as durable as the actual camera body of the GoPro Hero (including the 5 and 6 models).

Compared to past entry-level GoPro models, the new Hero for 2018 is a huge improvement. The fact that it has the same great user-friendly features like the touch display, voice commands, and waterproof-ness as the more expensive models is a win for budget-minded consumers.

It's half the price of the Hero6 Black, so in comparison to other GoPro models, the price is a pro here. Especially considering the Hero5 Session is/was $200, and that doesn't have a touchscreen or removable battery.

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GoPro Hero 2018 Review – Cons

Lack of 4K is seen as a huge negative by many, but not by me. I don't shoot in 4K and not everyone needs to. I don't think the average consumer looking to spend $200 on a camera is looking for 4K capabilities.

Although I don't usually utilize high frame rates, I could see merit in include at least up to 120fps for smooth slow-motion footage. You can do slow-motion at 60, but 120 would create a better result. Even for the average budget-minded consumer, slow-motion action cam footage is a given, in my opinion. For a really great comparison of slow motion at 60fps vs 240fps, check out Ben's review on the Authentech YouTube channel.

Hero Vs Hero 6 Slow Motion Comparison Via Authentech

Hero vs Hero 6 Slow Motion Comparison via Authentech

Limited Fields of View available. This is perhaps the biggest bummer of the new Hero 2018 for me: there is no Linear Field of View. You have Wide, Medium, and Narrow, but no Linear and no SuperView. Linear field of view gives you a more “flat” look, like what you'd expect to see out of a DSLR, iPhone, or any non-action camera. Fish-eye distortion is common in action cameras which have a wide angle lens. The Hero 5 and Hero 6 cameras have the ability to shoot at a higher resolution, and then automatically remove the lens distortion while you're shooting, creating that Linear Field of View. Since the new Hero doesn't shoot at a high-enough resolution, I'm guessing that's the reason Linear FOV is not an option.

There is no Protune available on the new Hero. This is the single most obvious clue as to the type of consumer GoPro is after with this camera (hint: not the pro market, or even the enthusiast market). If you aren't familiar, Protune is like putting your camera in Manual mode, allowing you to control settings like ISO, exposure, color, white balance, etc. In order to use Protune, you would need to know how to edit and color correct your video footage. The average consumer is likely not interested in this. So while the lack of Protune is definitely a con, to me it is totally expected. Protune is a confusing word for consumers anyway, so removing it might help GoPro newbies avoid confusion. states that the new Hero 2018 is not Karma compatible, and it shows an image of the Karma drone. It's not clear whether the compatibility notation refers to the drone only, or if it's also not compatible with the Karma grip as well.

GoPro Hero Quality Comparison

Features aside, it's really important to know whether the results from a camera are up to your own standards and expectations. Right off the bat, after browsing GoPro Hero 2018 review videos, I can see that the new Hero is on par with what you'd expect from the Hero5 Session. Not the best, but not horrible. Since I don't own the new Hero, or a Hero6 Black (my newest model is the Hero5 Black), I can't compare the models myself. So, allow me to rely on other trusted YouTubers for quality comparisons.

Here are three thorough comparison videos of the GoPro Hero 2018 vs. GoPro Hero6 Black. It's a really great idea to view the comparisons in these videos before you make a decision to buy the new GoPro, so I've embedded them below.

The Everyday Dad

I really liked this comparison from Gary at The Everyday Dad channel because he uses a split screen but doesn't reveal which side is which camera until the end, so you can see image quality differences without being swayed one way or the other.


Another great review comparing the Hero with the Hero 6 Black, Ben from the AuthenTech channel is shooting in 4K on the Hero6, so it's not exactly comparing apples to apples. This is a much watch if you want to be able to utilize buttery smooth slow motion and stabilization without a gimbal.

Air Photography

Another excellent comparison between the Hero and Hero 6 Black from Shawn over at the Air Photography channel. Includes a battery test!


At the end of the day, I'm always going to say that making a buying decision is a personal decision, and I can't make it for you. If you want a GoPro, buy a GoPro! Buy the best GoPro you can afford! If $200 is all you have to spend on an action camera, then give the GoPro Hero 2018 a try.

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GoPro for Kids and other Kids Camera Options

GoPro for Kids and other Kids Camera Options

A GoPro for kids… is there such a thing? There are several reasons why a GoPro camera makes an excellent family camera, but does it make a good kids camera?

Does it make sense to get a GoPro for kids? GoPro cameras make a great kids camera!

(The links in this post are affiliate links, and VidProMom will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking these links.)

In this digital age, kids are very familiar with digital cameras, action cameras, and even your phone camera. That's a lot of pricey gadgets that we trust in our kids' hands! But I have two kids (11 and 6), and I often hand one of my GoPro cameras off to one or both of them to let them capture whatever they feel like. The GoPro is easy enough to use and they have fun with it, so why not?

There is no shortage of kids cameras and cameras designed specifically for children, but they look more like toys than an actual camera. So at a certain age, I think it's a fantastic idea to start teaching kids that cameras and tech gear are tools, not toys.

The rugged nature of GoPro cameras almost begged kids to take it for a spin. And although there is no specific GoPro for kids (yet?), here are 4 reasons why I love letting my kids use my GoPro Hero5 Black.

1. GoPro cameras are waterproof

This is one of the reasons I love a GoPro as a family camera! Water parks, sledding, swimming, baby slobber… there are TONS of wet and wild family adventures that you'd want to capture, and the GoPro is the ideal camera for the job.

GoPro for kids in the pool

Older GoPro models required a waterproof housing like this one (with a microphone attached) but the recent GoPro models don't need an extra housing.

The newest Hero6 Black, as well as the Hero5 and Hero Session cameras, are all waterproof without needing an extra case, so you're good to go there.

2. GoPro cameras are mountable

This is where GoPro cameras excel far beyond what your mobile phone, DSLR, or almost any other camera can do. Because of the size of the GoPro and the endless options for GoPro mounts and accessories, you can mount this camera to literally anything.

Bicycle handlebars, a snowboard, a skateboard helmet, even a baby walker… the perfect kids camera!

3. QuikCapture

QuikCapture is a feature on the GoPro that enables you to start recording by pressing one button, which turns the camera on and starts recording all at once.

Gopro For Kids Kids Camera 5

This is convenient for kids (or anyone!) because you can save your battery life by keeping the camera completely off, but you won't miss anything because when you're ready to hit record, you just hit it and let it roll!

4. Small and Light

The size of the GoPro cameras is ideal for small hands, and it's lightweight, so even little ones won't have trouble hoisting it around for fun video footage.

I usually have my Hero5 mounted on a GoPole Bobber so it's easy to handle.

Gopro For Kids Kids Camera 1

While these 4 reasons prove why the GoPro for kids is a great idea, there are a couple things to keep in mind before you hand over your GoPro:

  • I love using voice commands on my GoPro, but the voice commands function doesn't work very well for my kids. It's like they just don't annunciate enough or something!
  • You might want to keep The Frame on the camera, even if it's not mounted. That will protect the corners from bumps, knicks, and scratches.
  • The lens cover on the Hero5 and Hero6 Black cameras are replaceable for relatively cheap, so don't worry too much about scratching the lens–it's just a cover.
  • You might get weird angles if you leave shooting up to your kids, who are amateur filmmakers at best 🙂

Gopro For Kids Kids Camera 6

Bottom line though: your kids will have fun just using the camera. So even if the footage isn't spectacular (or even usable!), your kids will love the experience of getting to be the camera operator. Let them have some fun with it, you never know how it inspires them in the future.

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So, I really don't think you need to have a “just for kids” toy that takes pictures. With a GoPro, you have a perfectly useful action camera that YOU can use as a family camera, and with proper accessories, can let you kids use to their heart's content.

Best GoPro for Kids

So which model GoPro cameras are best for a kids camera? I definitely recommend the Hero5 Black or Hero6 black, mostly because they have the screen on the back. Kids and adults alike appreciate being able to clearly see what they are capturing.

Gopro For Kids Kids Camera 2

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The Session cameras are smaller, but my kids (and even my parents) have trouble figuring out which way is which, so they don't always hold the camera in the direction they intended to.

GoPro Accessories for Kids

Ok on to the fun part, GoPro accessories and mounts! I do have a post explaining the top 5 accessories every GoPro newbie needs. You can hit play on the video below but I highly recommend you pick up some kind of handle of your kids if they'll be using the GoPro.

GoPole Bobber –
Best Buy:

(NEW) GoPro Handler with Quick Release Base –

GoPro 3-Way Grip-Arm-Tripod –
Best Buy:

The headstrap mount is also a favorite for the kids because it is adjustable. I have no trouble fitting in my youngest daughter's head when she was 4 years old.

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If your kids are the opposite of mine (hehe), they might do rugged outdoorsy stuff like skiing, snowboard, skateboarding, or play organized sports. You might want to grab a GoPro helmet mount to capture their point of view!

Should you Buy a GoPro for Kids?

Again, my opinion is that a GoPro is a perfect family camera. So instead of forcing a seemingly dumbed-down “toy” version of a kids camera, why not teach them how to use a camera properly? Buy a GoPro for your family, and let your kids have at it!

It never occurred to me to question whether my GoPro cameras would hold up to any possible destruction at the hands of my kids. When we are out and about as a family, it's nice to have a second and third perspective.

Personally, the GoPro Hero5 or Hero6 Black are the best options for an overall action camera, family camera, and kids camera. With a little help from mom and dad for settings changes, it's simple enough to use, for all ages.

GoPro vs DSLR vs iPhone – When and Why I use my Hero 5, Canon 70D, and iPhone X

GoPro vs DSLR vs iPhone – When and Why I use my Hero 5, Canon 70D, and iPhone X

GoPro vs DSLR vs iPhone is what goes through my head anytime we leave the house to do something fun!

Although I ask myself “which camera should I take” every time we go do something fun as a family, this is also a question that comes up from my readers and viewers. I can never really give a definitive answer because I kinda just use what ever I feel like at the moment!

Gopro Vs Dslr Vs Iphone

Recently, we went on a family trip to Dallas, TX and I had all 3 of my main cameras with me: my Canon 70D DSLR camera, which takes great still photos and is what I use for my YouTube videos, and I look my GoPro Hero 5 Black, and of course I had my phone with me which is an iPhone X.

GoPro vs DSLR vs iPhone

If you're interested in the comparison of GoPro footage vs DSLR vs iPhone, be sure to watch my video on YouTube, or watch it tight here in this post.

There are really two sides to this topic: there’s the “which camera to use” question, and the “how am I going to carry the cameras and gear that I need” question. Honestly, I was hesitant to bring my DSLR with me because it is bigger and bulkier than the GoPro, and I probably could get by with my iPhone X.

So I feel like we could answer the GoPro vs DSLR vs iPhone debate with just a little bit of common sense and personal preference, but here’s my take based on taking all 3 cameras and using all three cameras while we were out of town.

Size Difference and Camera Features

There is an obvious size difference in all 3 cameras. The iPhone X fits in my pocket or purse, GoPro fits in my purse (you might even fit it in your pocket), and the DSLR fits in a backpack or hangs off of me using a camera strap. That can get pretty annoying (especially if you forget your camera strap!).

The GoPro is waterproof, but since we weren’t really doing anything in or near water, I didn’t really have to take that into consideration.

So you have to consider the physical weight and bulk of the cameras themselves, and the capabilities and features of the cameras to capture what you’ll be hoping to capture in the environment you’re in. For example, I don’t think I’d ever take a DSLR to an amusement park or anything like that because it's not necessary and not worth the extra weight.

Image Quality

The next thing to think about though is the image quality. These days I think iPhone 6, 7, 8, and X have really great cameras. So to bring a long another camera, I’d have to really think about whether that’s necessary for what I’m shooting.

Anything in like a stage or show setting of any kind in an auditorium – kids concert or dance recital for example – your iPhone is going to run circles around your GoPro, and I wouldn’t bother with a DSLR there personally either.

But while the GoPro and iPhone fit in a purse or pocket, and the DSLR is big and bulky, you just can’t substitute the depth of field and just beautiful image quality of the DSLR.

Dslr Depth Of Field

Ya know?

You'll have to watch the video to see the comparison of all three cameras and how the videos and photos look.

Of course my DSLR doesn’t shoot 4K, and it doesn’t shoot 60 frames per second unless I bring the resolution down to 720 so in that regard, its hard to compare it to a GoPro or even my iPhone.

Why I Like Using my DSLR

Besides the top notch image quality, another thing I really like about using the DSLR is I shoot in manual mode, and changing the ISO and shutter speed is super simple. I don’t even have to look at the camera itself to make those adjustments, I’ve used the camera along enough that it’s like muscle memory.

Why I like Using my iPhone

On the other hand… It's nice to have an iPhone that takes pretty great photos on full automatic mode. I don’t really change anything unless I want to focus on something different or change the exposure.

If you didn’t know, you can tap your screen to focus on something, and slide your finger up or down to adjust exposure. So there’s a little iPhone trick for ya. If you don’t use an iPhone, I don’t know. You’re on your own.

Why I like Using my GoPro

I go for the GoPro anytime we'll be near water (or snow!), anytime I want to be able to wear or mount a camera, and anytime I want to hand a camera to my kids and let them have at it. I've said this before – the GoPro makes a great family camera because it's just about life proof.

Gopro Dslr Depth Of Field

So basically, what camera you use depends on so many factors but it comes down to your own personal preference and what you’re trying to accomplish.

I know lots of GoPro users bring their GoPro everywhere and capture everything with it, and it's likely I’ll bring it if I think I’ll need it. I don’t take a TON of photos and videos with my phone unless I’m really trying to capture a lot of stuff.

I will admit though that I tend to leave my DSLR at home because of it’s bulk, but whenever I bring it and actually use it, I’m SO GLAD I DID.

So I think as a personal hack for myself, I should get a backpack that accommodates the DSLR, MacBook Pro, and GoPro stuff a little better, that way I think I’d be more inclined to bring it along more often.

I’m a big fan of using what you have and not getting too caught up in which camera is “best”. I mean honestly, if you’re going to worry about something, worry about learning how to actually USE the camera(s) you have, and focus on capturing the moments. But let me know about your camera habits, what do you carry with you, what do you leave behind? Let me know in the comments and subscribe to my channel before you go!

Kinda Related: If you notice my video footage and screenshots here in this post, they are from Magnolia Market in Waco, TX. We visited The Silos recently, and I wrote about our experience and posted TONS of photos over on my post about whether Magnolia Market lives up to the hype. Check it out right here.

5 Ways to Add Special Effects to GoPro Videos, Family Movies, and YouTube Videos

5 Ways to Add Special Effects to GoPro Videos, Family Movies, and YouTube Videos

I don't go crazy with special effects in my GoPro videos and family movies, and I keep effects to a minimum here in my YouTube channel. But I've been browsing some motion graphics and sound effects over on… and this could be a little bit of a rabbit hole! So I want to give you some ideas for ways you can use the resources from ProductionCrate in your videos. Be sure to click play on the video below, or click here to view it on YouTube to see everything I talk about here in action! (more…)

ALL NEW GoPro Accessories for 2017 + Coupon Code!

ALL NEW GoPro Accessories for 2017 + Coupon Code!

There have been a few ALL new GoPro accessories to hit the shelves during 2017, some of them just in the last couple of months actually so you may have not even heard of them yet!

At the risk of making this video obsolete within the month or two, as black friday, cyber monday, and the new year roll around… look, the holidays are right around the corner, you want to know what's up with the new GoPros and maybe you like to have all the latest and greatest in GoPro accessories, so, let me fill me you in!


20 GoPro Accessories and Gifts Under $20

20 GoPro Accessories and Gifts Under $20

Let's say you need to buy a gift for someone you know and love and all they want is GoPro accessories and gear to use with their GoPro camera, or you own a GoPro camera and all you want is accessories and gear to use with your GoPro camera.

$170 for the Seeker backpack, $50 for a Jaws Clip, another $50 for a GoPro Power Pack, $200 for a Tenba…  YIKES! It adds up quick.

I totally get it!!

But not every GoPro accessory requires you to sell a kidney, so if your family wants to know what to get you for your birthday or Christmas, or if you came here because you are shopping for a GoPro Enthusiast in your life, let me help you out with some really useful GoPro accessories and gifts that come in under 20 bucks. (more…)

Best GoPro Tips from 44 Travel Bloggers

Best GoPro Tips from 44 Travel Bloggers

So, I'm not a travel blogger at all. Like, not even remotely (see what I did there? #haha). But when the folks over at Veedyou asked for my opinion on GoPro Tips for traveling, I said “SURE!” You can click on the infographic below to get the entire list of tips, but I'll give you a spoiler on my tip first off: learn how to use your GoPro before traveling with it!

If I were to add just one more, it's making sure you have the 5 basic GoPro accessories EVERY GoPro user needs (especially if you're new to this!).


They actually asked a bunch of people, so here's a snippet from Christian and the gang, plus and an infographic:

Shooting photos or videos with a GoPro is pretty straightforward apparently. The camera literally has just 2 physical buttons so how hard can it be? Well, even though the camera does a great job at using
the right settings most of the times, there are quite a few tips and tricks that will make your GoPro videos stand out from the crowd.

Over at Veedyou over half of the orders we handle are GoPro video editing services and me personally, I must have zapped through hundreds of hours of GoPro footage. I have come across amazing shoots, I’ll give you that, but most of the times we get really bad looking footage: it’s very shaky, the subject is not in the shoot or the lighting is really poor and the colors are off.

And the blunt truth is that the quality of the final video edit is going to depend a whole lot on the quality of the original footage. So no matter how skilled the video editor is, the end result will be mediocre, to say the least.

So, in an attempt to help everyone out there shoot better GoPro videos, we’ve reached out to some of the most passionate GoPro users and asked them two questions:

  1. What are your top tips to get the most out of a GoPro camera?
  2. Which GoPro accessories should I buy for traveling?

Here’s what we got back.

Be sure to share this post on Pinterest! Thanks!

Best GoPro Tips from 44 Travel Bloggers