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The GoPro Black Housing – What Is it?

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I use the GoPro Blackout Housing as my primary housing, and I get a lot of questions about it.

GoPro Black Housing

It’s basically the same exact thing as the clear plastic housing that comes with GoPro. Unfortunately, my clear housing broke when my GoPro few off my car (cool video!). So instead of replacing it with the GoPro clear housing, I just went for something new and different and bought the blackout housing.

GoPro Blackout Housing

You’d want to use the blackout housing if you wanted to be stealthy in your shooting. I’m not stealthy with it, but if you wanted to hide it while you’re shooting, or take it out hunting, or doing night time stuff, the black housing be for you. It also comes with handy black stickers that you can place over the front display, which reduces glare.

It comes with the skeleton back and the regular waterproof back.

I like mine, I think it’s great! If you need to replace your standard clear GoPro Housing, I definitely recommend the blackout housing.

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