GoPro Pole & Waterproof Case – UK Pro Gear Review

You guys know that my YouTube channel and website is all about helping you create awesome videos with your GoPro or any kind of camera you happen to be using, and part of that means sharing the best gear and accessories with you guys. That means I get to be picky and choosy about the brands that I choose to work with here! UK Pro makes great quality stuff and I'm super happy to tell you about them in this sponsored post. Let's check it out! (PSSSSTTTT… don't skimp, there's a giveaway at the bottom! The entry period has ended.)


I had to take this gear out with the family on our (tiny fishing) boat to really get a feel for what was so great about it 🙂 It's so much fun to get my family involved in my videos!

POV 20 Waterproof Case

UK Pro Waterproof Case - Review by VidProMom

The POV20 Waterproof case is an excellent addition to my GoPro gear. You know I like to just throw my stuff in a box or bag 😄 I'm not super obsessed with keeping everything in its place, but I love the foam and how it's cut out for either a Session or a regular-sized GoPro in the waterproof housing.

UK Pro Waterproof Case - Review by VidProMom UK Pro Waterproof Case - Review by VidProMom

It's waterproof (of course) and it's super tough and durable, plus you can take the padding out and just use it as a box. I could see throwing a bunch of GoPros and stuff in here and throwing it in my beach bag, or a suitcase or carry-on. For when you need to protect your expensive stuff, but you don't need a whole separate bag to lug around (because who needs that, right?). They make larger cases as well, though, if you want to carry everything like that.

UK Pro Waterproof Case - Review by VidProMom

38HD Pole

Here's what I like about this pole: it feels hefty and robust, but it's sooo light weight. It goes from 16″ to 38″, and it has a rubber grip which is very handy.

UK Pro 38HD Pole - Review by VidProMom

The thing about selfie sticks and poles like this is it's worth it to buy a good one that is well built because 1) you will probably be traveling/adventuring with it so it needs to keep it up and 2) your camera will be attached to it… so I don't like to skimp on something like this and I would trust a UK Pro pole with my cameras, for sure.

UK Pro 38HD Pole - Review by VidProMom

1/4-20 Head Adapter

The 1/4-20 head adapter is cool because I can use the pole with my DSLR camera or any other kind of camera. This is a very handy thing to have in my accessory box for sure. I didn't try it out on the boat because my DSLR is not at all waterproof 😉 So I kept it covered as much as possible. When I tried it at home, I felt like this pole was made for a big camera like a DSLR! It feels very sturdy (I have another pole that I would never dream of mounting my DSLR on).

Check out UK Pro for more awesome GoPro accessories and mounts!

UK Pro Gear Giveaway

UK Pro Giveaway

The entry period for this has ended. Winner will be announced shortly. Stay tuned! Congratulations Taylor from Friendswood, TX!

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GoPro Pole & Waterproof Case - Reviewed by VidProMom


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