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Which GoPro To Buy For a Family Camera?

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Are you looking to purchase a GoPro camera to use with your family? You’ve already made a good decision by looking to getting a GoPro. They are wonderful for family cameras as they are small, robust, and waterproof. They most definitely hold up to the extreme sport of family adventures(The links in this post are affiliate links, and we will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking our links. Read my disclosure policy here.)

Read further for an outline some of the pros, cons, features, and prices of the current GoPro models on the market and which ones are best suited for family use.

First Choice: Hero4 Silver

I recommend the Hero4 Silver for a family camera. It’s part of the Hero4 family released in late 2014, so it’s the “latest and greatest”. The biggest selling point for me is the LCD camera on the back side. This camera is $399 on Amazon.

GoPro Hero4 Silver - Which GoPro Should I buy for a Family Camera? - GoProMom

If you’ve never used a GoPro before, I think you will be deeply disappointed (and frustrated) by not having the LCD touch screen to see what you’re shooting and adjust settings, and that’s the reason I recommend the Hero4 Silver as a family camera.

Second Choice: Hero3+ Silver

If the $399 Hero4 Silver is too steep for your family, try going for the Hero3+ Silver. It still shoots in HD (1080p), although there are fewer options for resolutions and frame rates. But it certainly is capable of capturing your vacations, adventures, or everyday family life.

Hero3+ Silver - a great family video camera!

The Hero3+ Silver is $299, which is a fair price for a waterproof digital family video camera if you ask me!

I feel like I should give you three choices here, but truthfully, for a family video camera I would recommend the Hero4 Silver or the Hero3+ Silver and that’s it.

What about the Hero4 Black, the Hero3 White, and the Hero? While the Black is too much camera for family use, the White and the basic Hero are just not enough. My take? If you want to create awesome home movies, buy an awesome camera. If you want to create half-assed movies, just use your iPhone.

So stick with the Silver and you can’t go wrong. Happy GoPro shopping!


This post contains affiliate links. Read my affiliate disclosure here

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