Why GoPro Studio Crashes and What To Do About It

Ohhh you know what I mean. GoPro Studio… it freezes, it crashes, it even crashes while it's auto-saving sometimes. You know why GoPro Studio crashes and burns like that?

If you've checked to make sure that your computer meets at least the minimum system requirements, and your software is up to date and all that, it might just be that you're trying to edit too dang much footage.

Your movie is too long (and maybe, too awesome) for GoPro Studio to handle. And do you know why? Because it was never meant to do that.

GoPro Studio was designed to create short, fun videos. SHORT. Fun. Videos. Not feature length films. Not 10-minute long vacation movies. Not 15-minute long drives. Not 30-minute long home movies. We're talking 3-5 minute movies.

Of course, GoPro Studio has no idea whether your video is fun (that's your job and I'm glad your here), but it does know when you're asking too much of it.

If you're wondering what to do with aaaaaaall of your footage then, if you have to cram it all into a 3-5 minute movie, the answer is very simple: make multiple movies. And if you really want to put them all together into one long epic movie, then go ahead and do that. Complete one movie in GoPro Studio, export it to your hard drive, then start another GoPro Studio project from scratch. THEN you can put all your completed, exported movies together into one project. That way, GoPro Studio doesn't have to do so much data crunching at once.

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  1. vaibhav

    Go pro studio crashes again and again in my windows 8 and i have edited just 30 seconds of clips. I wanted to create a 2 min video. So please help me to fix this problem.

    • Meredith

      Honestly, I don’t think there is a fix. I’d recommend not using GoPro Studio.

  2. jack

    Garbage, don’t buy a NoPro, crashes on 30 second videos, worthless!

  3. Tina Goguen

    OMG, this is exactly why it keeps crashing. I noticed it was fine for the first two days and then as I hit three minutes, crashing started. I am going to try two minutes videos than adding them together. By the way, I will watch my videos at 10 minutes. It is awesome to watch something I did a few yrs ago replay in front of me….we do back wood trails, so we come home with videos from each day, and i put it together for my husband and i to watch when we are are old and gray.

  4. Charlie

    My GoPro Studio crashes and my video is 3:33.28

  5. Bruno

    Well, Gopro is crashing whenever I convert a video just before going to edit phase. I was trying to have a timelapse done and since it was crashing everytime, I tried to uncheck deflickering. UNCHECKING DEFLICKERING caused it to crash also! It is just ridiculous. I since then moved to another program and I am enjoying it even though it has it’s flaws. The main thing I miss is Gopro studios timelapse creating mode. It just was really easy to make. Any alternative (just for timelapse) that works the same way as gopro studio

  6. Victor

    Go Pro Studio Is the worse editing software I have ever used in my life. Never have I seen software that crashes and corrupts files as often as GoPro Studio. Worse then most beta software I have used. Its just hands down horrible. I have a brand new top of the line computer with a solid state drive but this software just sucks. #GoProStudioSUCKS. Sorry to be a downer. I have followed all of the recommended fixes, uninstalled, reinstalled, updated windows 10 with the recommended downloads and all… Wont fix Shitty software. Very disappointing. First and last time I recommend or purchase their product.

  7. Annoyed

    Gopro is totally let down by the WORST editing software. CRASHES AND FREEZES ALL THE TIME!

    Gopro and the development team should be ashamed. Pathetic, over complicated bloatware

  8. Visage

    My video is simple, less than 5 minutes and yet still crashes every time it exports…I’m running on a good processor, video card, etc – there must be a more technical explanation / ‘fix’ to the crashes 😛

  9. ATXTechguy

    As a computer engineer, this is definitely not accurate. The reason Go Pro Studio crashes in longer videos is due to heat generated from your computer during conversion and exporting, as your CPU works at 100% utilization during this time. Properly built PCs that have good cooling, will not have this issue at all. The software is totally designed to make a video as long as you want, as long as your computer has decent cooling.

    • Meredith

      Heat from your computer was never mentioned by my contact on the GoPro Studio support team. GoPro Studio crashes and freezes at all stages of editing, not just exporting.

      As far as the software being “totally designed to make a video as long as you want”, here’s a direct quote from GoPro: “It was really made for short-form projects, not long ones.”

    • brad

      LOL! you may need a career change with that sort of recommendation.

      For starters, PC’s can handle running CPU’s at 100% during export, it’s what they do, and that’s what a cooling system is for.

      Secondly, resources aren’t the issue. Terrible software and buggy code, is.

      FWIW I use a very high end Z series machine (think Xeons, high end graphics cards, raided SSD’s, mountains of RAM … basically a weapon), various high end applications (premiere, lightroom, photoshop etc) which all run flawlessly hour after hour. Go do anything basically in GPStudio – and watch the crashes commence.

      It’s rubbish, in my opinon. Gopro make fantastic cameras (mostly), but they need to sack their entire software engineering department and start again — it’s been going on for years now.

      • Meredith

        Brad, GoPro Studio was discontinued over the summer. GoPro no longer offers it as a download.

  10. Abdul

    Thanks that article was very helpful indeed.
    However I find even my videos which are less then 5 min sometimes it stil crashes after meeting all the system requirement!

    I never expereinced any crashing with any other software like Windows movie maker etc

  11. Herman "Gadget Man" Worley

    Love your vids and looking forward to leaning how to reading about these 10 essential steps

    • Meredith

      Thanks Herman!



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