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Whether you want to get serious about YouTube or you see uploading videos as a hobby, who doesn’t love getting more YouTube views, growing your YouTube subscribers, and even possibly earning ad income from YouTube? I’m not an expert, I’m just a practitioner, but sometimes I like to share my process, tips, and tools for YouTube based on my personal experience (Like the time I experimented from uploading daily thinking it would increase my subscribers quickly).

Blogging + Video

Blogging and YouTube go together like rainbows and unicorns... Here are 10 things I wish other bloggers knew about YouTube

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How to Get Your GoPro Videos Found on YouTube

How to Get Your GoPro Videos Found on YouTube

I recently rolled over the 1000 subscriber mark on YouTube! Whoooop! I'm pretty excited about it since I just started my channel this year.

So I thought I'd put together a few posts that deal specifically with YouTube. When you have your GoPro videos edited (in GoPro Studio perhaps?) and ready to upload, you want to make sure your videos get found and watched! Right?