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How to Save a Still Image in GoPro Studio

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Hey look at that, this is my 50th post!

Last week I showed you how to import still photos into GoPro Studio without it getting all weird and thinking you’re trying to create a Time Lapse movie. GoPro Studio can be wonky like that.

Well this week, let’s do the opposite. Let’s save a still photo from your video, so that you can have it as a single photo.

This might be the quickest GoPro Studio tip of all time… it’s super simple.

I used to think the only way to do this was to take a screenshot of my screen with the frame I want to save as an image. But that doesn’t offer the best results. For the most part, it ends up being a low quality image instead of being the same resolution of the video.

How To Save a Still Image from Video in GoPro Studio

I figured out that it’s actually really easy to do this! First of all, you need to be in the Editing portion of GoPro Studio. It won’t work in the Import Stage. You must be in stage 2.

Put your scrubber bar on the exact frame that you want to save as a still image. Then go up to the menu and select “Share”, then Save as Image. Easy-peasy, right?

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GoPro Studio - How to Save a Still Image in from your video


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