GoPro Studio Download - what happened to GoPro Studio?

GoPro Studio Download – What happened to GoPro Studio?

What happened to the GoPro Studio download? GoPro posted in their FAQ earlier this week, that GoPro Studio (their free video editing software) will no longer be available to download. They have discontinued the bundling of GoPro Studio with Quik and it is no longer available to as a stand-alone download.

In GoPro's words, “…GoPro Studio has reached its end-of-life for support.”

Rest In Peace.

So what does this mean for you if you already have GoPro Studio? It sounds like you can continue to use it. The latest version is 2.5… hopefully yours is up to date!

GoPro Studio Alternatives

GoPro Studio has been buggy, crashy, and frustrating (especially for PC users) for quite awhile now, and while I was hoping they'd continue to improve the software (for the users' sake), it looks like they've done the opposite.

The good news is, there are TONS of alternative options for Mac and PC users. In fact, many free or less than $100.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

Personally, I recommend iMovie for Mac users or Premiere Elements (affiliate link) for PC users. Click here to read more about alternatives to GoPro Studio and what GoPro Software is available.

Click here to read GoPro's FAQ article regarding GoPro Studio's “End of Life”.

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  1. Pete

    I mainly used GOPro studio to convert to Cineform. So how do we convert to Cineform now? Or is that the “old” way of doing it?

  2. David

    It’s unfortunate, but I did find GoPro Studio to be heavy, slow, & clunky. I bought a new computer to ensure I exceeded the minimum requirements. It’s a great machine, but it didn’t resolve the heavy, slow, & clunky issues. Just fewer crashes.

    Sometimes it’s better to start fresh than to try fixing what’s fundamentally broke. Such is the paradigm of technology.

  3. Dan

    What a CRAPPY thing to do t their customers. I hope they get their d***s sued into the dirt for leaving their customers hanging.

  4. Paul Gorodnick

    I have been using Adobe Premiere Elements 14. Love it for my GoPro and Drone videos.

    • Seamus

      Is the quality as good as studio ?



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