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GoPro Quik for Desktop – More Quik Tips

GoPro Quik for Desktop – More Quik Tips

GoPro’s Quik for Desktop is fast… it’s a reaaaaally really speedy way to edit a short, fun video. There are limitations, but there are also some very simple ways to overcome them with any video editing software, including GoPro Studio.

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GoPro Swivel Mount: Spivo Stick is Sweet!

This is the coolest selfie stick or GoPro pole I’ve ever seen – It’s a GoPro swivel mount! The Spivo Stick has a rotating mount and a trigger, so you can change your shot from you, like a selfie, to capturing the scene around you.

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5 GoPro Alternatives (and Hero 5 Rumors)

Like most GoPro Enthusiasts, I am patiently anticipating the official specs of GoPro’s new Hero 5 camera, which we’ve been expecting to be released at end of 2016… I know I’m ready for a new GoPro! The GoPro alternatives out there come in all different shapes, sizes, specs, and prices, but how do they stand up to the predicted features of the soon-to-be-released Hero 5? Honestly, I’ve never considered buying a non-GoPro action camera, but these are some of the alternatives that get high ratings among action cam enthusiasts. read more…

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Create Awesome GoPro Videos – Finally Stop Fumbling Through GoPro Studio

Rock Your Videos with GoPro Studio Learning GoPro Studio is easy (and fun!!) through the Video Tutorials and Step-by-Step instructions in my new course, Rock Your Videos with GoPro Studio.

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