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Video Topic Brainstorming Guide for Bloggers

Since starting my blog and YouTube channel years ago, I have come to rely on a few specific strategies for developing video topic ideas out of thin air. I have a two-part process, and in this post (and podcast episode), I will break down the first part of that...

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GoPro Music Ideas – Links & Freebies for Summer 2017

One of the first things I do when edit my GoPro videos is I browse for GoPro Music ideas. I ask myself how I want my video to feel, what “vibe” I want it to have, and stuff like that. Sometimes finding background music can take forever though! In this...

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36 Hours in Lake Placid, NY

We recently took a very quick trip to Lake Placid. Despite our lack of excitement for organized sports in our household, we are fans of the Olympics! And although I grew up a mere 5-hour drive from New York State's own quaint Olympic town, I had never been to Lake...

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Does Uploading DAILY on YouTube increase your subscribers?

Daily vlogging is all the rage. It's not a new concept, but more and more we see regular ordinary people like you and me uploading to YouTube daily. But often getting just one video out there in a week, or month… or at all… is a huge feat. Like YYYYUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE....

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Where to Find Background Music for Video

Are you curious where you can find background music for video? If I had a nickel for every time this question has come up, I wouldn't need to put affiliate links in this blog post! #ohsnap Anyway… whether you're creating videos for your business, blog, or...

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How to Export a Video in iMovie – 2017

You've set up your iMovie project, done some video editing, and now you're wondering how to export a video in iMovie? You're in the right spot! In this tutorial, I will show you the exact steps to export (save) your video in iMovie to a file you can upload to YouTube...

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Free GoPro Software – what are your options?

Finding GoPro Software under $100 is not hard at all. In fact, there are TONS of free GoPro Software platforms available, along with great paid ones. But in this post, I'll cover your free GoPro Software options. Free GoPro Software Chances are, if you're looking for...

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