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Epic Summer of Awesome/Chaos

Earlier this summer, I posted a YouTube video explaining this idea my family and I had been thinking about: Epic Summer of Awesome. We live in Upstate New York, and more specifically, we live in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of the state. There is absolutely no...

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GoPro Studio Download – What happened to GoPro Studio?

What happened to the GoPro Studio download? GoPro posted in their FAQ earlier this week, that GoPro Studio (their free video editing software) will no longer be available to download. They have discontinued the bundling of GoPro Studio with Quik and it is no longer...

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Best Computer for Video Editing

I get this question a lot: “What is the best computer for video editing?” It doesn't matter if we're talking YouTube videos or GoPro videos, it's easy to get overwhelmed with computers! Processors! RAM! Memory! Gigabytes! Megahertz! Solid State Drive!...

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GoPro releases new “QuikStories” function

GoPro released a new feature called QuikStories, which promises to allow you to spend less time creating your story, and more time living it. It was just announced today, so I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm excited to see what QuikStories has to offer!GoPro's...

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GoPro external Mic Review – Sennheiser MKE2 elements

Sennheiser recently sent me their new MKE 2 elements action mic for GoPro Hero 4 cameras. The MKE2 elements is an external GoPro mic, which is something I'd never tried before, so I was happy to check out the MKE 2 from Sennheiser! Disclosure: This post is sponsored...

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Video Topic Brainstorming Guide for Bloggers

Since starting my blog and YouTube channel years ago, I have come to rely on a few specific strategies for developing video topic ideas out of thin air. I have a two-part process, and in this post (and podcast episode), I will break down the first part of that...

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GoPro Music Ideas – Links & Freebies for Summer 2017

One of the first things I do when edit my GoPro videos is I browse for GoPro Music ideas. I ask myself how I want my video to feel, what “vibe” I want it to have, and stuff like that. Sometimes finding background music can take forever though! In this...

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36 Hours in Lake Placid, NY

We recently took a very quick trip to Lake Placid. Despite our lack of excitement for organized sports in our household, we are fans of the Olympics! And although I grew up a mere 5-hour drive from New York State's own quaint Olympic town, I had never been to Lake...

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Does Uploading DAILY on YouTube increase your subscribers?

Daily vlogging is all the rage. It's not a new concept, but more and more we see regular ordinary people like you and me uploading to YouTube daily. But often getting just one video out there in a week, or month… or at all… is a huge feat. Like YYYYUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE....

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