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Free GoPro Software – what are your options?

Finding GoPro Software under $100 is not hard at all. In fact, there are TONS of free GoPro Software platforms available, along with great paid ones. But in this post, I’ll cover your free GoPro Software options. Free GoPro Software Chances are, if you’re...

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GoPro Software Under $100: Which ones are worth buying?

Finding GoPro Software under $100 is not hard at all. In fact, I believe some of the best GoPro software for beginners cost under $100, which is a fair price to pay for video editing software. While many people are looking for free GoPro software, some people are ok...

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Filmora Review 2017 – New Features in Filmora 8.0

I’ve been playing around with the new Filmora 8.0 updates and let me tell you… this is some slick video editing software, especially for GoPro users! Filmora recently launched the 8.0 version of their video editor for Mac and PC and I partnered with...

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Premiere Pro to Instagram Stories – How To Export

I am in love with Instagram’s Stories feature, but it is a challenge to figure out how to upload pre-recorded, edited content. Have you ever noticed that high-profile Instagram accounts like @garyvee and @gopro upload a mix of “on the fly” and...

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PowerDirector Review – Video Editor for PC

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t as many “fun” video editors out there for PC users, right? One of my goals this year is to create some tutorials here on all (or most…) of the video editing software that I know you guys are using. I had a...

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Vlog Like a Boss [Book Giveaway]

Last week on my podcast, The VidPro Studio Show, I interviewed Amy Schmittauer from the Savvy Sexy Social YouTube channel. She just released her first book called Vlog Like A Boss (affiliate link) and I have an extra copy to give away! Vlog Like A Boss I started...

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How To Create Custom Thumbnails [Get Those Clicks!]

The third and final Kick-Ass Edits Tutorial in this series! In Lesson one, we covered a sneaky little time lapse trick, and in Lesson 2, we covered snappy jump cuts, and today, it’s all about the click. In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how...

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My Diva Ring Light Setup & Review

Have you wondered why I have weird circles in my eyes?! A few months ago, I finally invested in decent lighting! I bought the Diva Super Nova Ring Light, and I’ve partnered with DVeStore* to bring you my Diva Ring Light Setup and Review of my Super Nova!  Diva...

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Jump Cut Editing – Make Your Videos Snappy

So what is it that makes videos fun to watch? What’s the secret trick? They’re SNAPPY!. What I’m talking about here are jump cuts and jump cut editing. Fun to watch videos move quickly. They keep your attention because your brain doesn’t want...

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Wanna see what GoPro sent me?

Wanna know what I got in this big black box just a few days before Christmas? GoPro came out with their new cameras a few months ago, and I’m a part of the GoPro family so I’ve been patiently waiting to get my hands on one of the cameras! But I got so much...

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