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Jump Cut Editing – Make Your Videos Snappy

So what is it that makes videos fun to watch? What’s the secret trick? They’re SNAPPY!. What I’m talking about here are jump cuts and jump cut editing. Fun to watch videos move quickly. They keep your attention because your brain doesn’t want...

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Wanna see what GoPro sent me?

Wanna know what I got in this big black box just a few days before Christmas? GoPro came out with their new cameras a few months ago, and I’m a part of the GoPro family so I’ve been patiently waiting to get my hands on one of the cameras! But I got so much...

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Easy Time Lapse Editing Tip

If you have time lapse footage on your hard drive waiting to be edited, try this easy tip and take your time-lapse to the next level! Time-Lapse Editing Tip Time Lapse has become a very popular technique in films and tv shows, as well as with regular every-day video...

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Backpack for GoPro – Tenba 14L ActionPack [Review]

Is it time for Christmas yet?! Yep! In this week’s video, let’s kick off the Christmas Season by reviewing one of my favorite products: this backpack for GoPro, the Tenba 14L ActionPack! Thanks to Tenba for providing this product to me to review. Backpack...

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GoPro Quik for Desktop – More Quik Tips

GoPro’s Quik for Desktop is fast… it’s a reaaaaally really speedy way to edit a short, fun video. There are limitations, but there are also some very simple ways to overcome them with any video editing software, including GoPro Studio. More Quik Tips...

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GoPro Quik for Desktop – Tutorial & Overview

Have you seen the new GoPro Quik for Desktop? It automatically edits your GoPro videos for you! Here’s a Quik tutorial and overview of getting started with editing your GoPro videos with Quik for Desktop. Be sure to check out the entire video overview. Quik App...

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GoPro Swivel Mount: Spivo Stick is Sweet!

This is the coolest selfie stick or GoPro pole I’ve ever seen – It’s a GoPro swivel mount! The Spivo Stick has a rotating mount and a trigger, so you can change your shot from you, like a selfie, to capturing the scene around you. GoPro Swivel Mount...

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