5 Ways to Build Your Email List with YouTube

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Are you neglecting to build your email list as you grow your YouTube channel? If so, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful ways to build a sustainable, long-term business as a content creator. Your email list allows you to connect directly with your most engaged audience members, get their feedback, drive traffic to key videos, and ultimately convert subscribers into customers.

Luckily, there are some simple ways you can leverage your YouTube channel to consistently grow your email list, even if you’re just getting started. Here are 5 easy tactics you can implement today:

1. Create a Valuable Lead Magnet

One tried and true method is to create a free resource like a PDF guide, checklist, or cheat sheet related to your video content. Offer this “lead magnet” in exchange for an email address. Keep it simple – for example, a one-page cheatsheet summarizing the key points from a video. These are quick to create but deliver a lot of value to viewers.

2. Invite Viewers to Get New Video Alerts

Here’s a no-brainer way to get started with email, even if you don’t have time to write a bunch of marketing emails. Simply invite your audience to join your email list if they want to be notified whenever you publish a new video. This will get your most engaged subscribers on your list so they never miss new content. Just send a quick email letting them know what the video is about with a link to watch.

3. Send a Regular Email Newsletter

If you cover a niche where there are always new developments, consider sending a regular roundup email newsletter. While this tactic fell out of favor for awhile, newsletters have been making a comeback, especially for creators establishing thought leadership in their space. Pick a consistent frequency and use your newsletter to curate the latest news, tips and resources (including your videos).

Many creators use private Facebook groups, Slack or Discord servers to build community off of YouTube. Instead of just dropping a public invite link, require an email opt-in to get access. This way you can grow your list while you grow your community. Win-win!

5. Use a “Secret Video” Funnel Strategy

This advanced tactic not only gets people on your list, but actually leads them towards becoming a customer or client. Create a video that is NOT publicly available on your channel and require an email opt-in to access it. This exclusive content makes signing up for your list extra enticing.

I talk more about the Secret Video Strategy in my AIT Method Training!

Then, use this “secret video” as an entry point to a larger email funnel that provides value and pitches your products or services. When done well, this creates an automated system that turns subscribers into buyers.

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Optimize for the Algorithm

One word of caution – be strategic about WHEN you email your list about a new video. You want to give YouTube’s algorithm time to surface your content to subscribers first. I recommend waiting 1-3 days after publishing before sending an email. This strikes a balance between letting the algorithm do its magic and bringing in bonus traffic from your list.

The only exception is if you have time-sensitive content you need to get maximum eyeballs on quickly for some reason. But in general, the long-term power of organic reach is greater than any short-term spike you’ll get from an email blast.

Even a small email list of highly engaged people is infinitely valuable. So don’t put off starting yours any longer! Use these 5 easy win tactics to start growing your list today. Your future self will thank you.

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