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I love geeking out about background music, but this topic can be overwhelming at first: where to find background music, can I use it legally, where to get free background music, etc. But I will cut to the chase:

My all time favorite place for background music right now is Epidemic Sound. You get affordable, high quality music in all genres, and the best part is: when you use my link, you can get your first month free. All the songs you could ever want, free for 30 days. Click here to give it a try now (full disclosure, this link and others on this page are traced back to me, and I'll get a commission when you signup at no additional cost to you).

For free background music, I highly recommend you take a look at or YouTube's audio library. Both of those places are the easiest places to find totally free background music.

Background Music

Where To Find Background Music For Videos

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Good Background Music – 10 of my favorites from Epidemic Sound

Good Background Music – 10 of my favorites from Epidemic Sound

Background music for video isn't hard to find these days, but finding royalty free background music that is also good background music… that can be tricky. Epidemic Sound my favorite source.

Every epic video needs an epic background music track, am I right? Even not very epic family movies, GoPro edits, and YouTube videos deserve background music, and it's pretty easy to add music to video. But the internet is chock full of royalty free background music, and it can be quite a task to find really good background music that you can use in your videos (legally). It's like a jungle out there!

Good Background Music For Video From Epidmic Sound Best Royalty Free Background Music

(Some links in this post are affiliate links, and VidProMom will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking our links. Read my disclosure policy here.)

My favorite place for good background music these days is Epidemic Sound. I wouldn't even call it good background music, I would call it excellent background music for video. You might have noticed a lot of YouTubers using Epidemic Sound, which tells you it's a great resource, but I can hook up with some free epidemic music from Epidemic Sound!

If you'd rather skip this blog post and head straight to their music library for free, you can click here to get your free 1-month of music from Epidemic Sound.

Here's why I absolutely LOVE Epidemic Sound:

The background music on Epidemic Sound is different

It's just different than other background music sites out there. It sounds more real… it sounds more like something you'd hear on the radio or download in iTunes to listen to for fun.

It's hard to explain in words, but if you have ever spent hours scouring the Internet for good background music, you know what I mean when I say so much of what's out there sounds… like… background music. Like you've heard it before (and not on the radio, either, but in thousands of other YouTube videos).

The music I find on Epidemic Sound sounds like REAL music… It is REAL music. And you can find all the genres on there.

I put together 10 of my favorite epidemic music tracks, but to hear them, be sure to sign up for your 1-month free trial first, then do a search for these songs, save them to your playlists or download them.

1 Month Free Trial from Epidemic Sound Price: FREE Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  • Trapped Into Paradise (Instrumental Version) – This has little bit of an 80s movie vibe part way through
  • Rain – This is just piano (my fav), a bit cinematic (also my fav)

Rain From Epidemic Sound

Unlimited Background Music Downloads

With Epidemic Sound's YouTube Creator Subscription (which starts at $15/month, but don't forget you can get your first month free), you can use as many of their 30,000 songs as you want AND monetize your videos. Personally, I like this model better than buying one-off's from someplace like AudioJungle (my second favorite place for background music now) because I'm not limited by funds! I can download whatever and use it whenever.

Some tracks that I've used my YouTube videos recently:

  • Rays of Hope – This is one of my all time favorites! I have a thing for House music.
  • Saturday Mornings – Another House genre for ya 😉
  • Pure Gold 1 – This usually shows up near the end of my YouTube videos

Soundalikes on Epidemic Sound

What do I even mean by that… ok well, I have a really hard time trying to figure out what genre a certain type of music is. So I did some googling and came up with some songs from Epidemic Sound that might sound like the music your favorite YouTubers or shows. Here are a couple examples:

Casey Neistat style music (or search for 1990s Hip Hop):

  • Reminisce 2
  • Knockout 2

Stranger Things Style music (or search synth):

  • Coming Back to the Start
  • Real Synth Music 8
  • Real Synth Music 3

I know you'll find some good background tracks for your videos once you get inside Epidemic Sound's library. You can search by genre or stick with some of the collections Epidemic Sound puts together, that will save you a ton of time!

Either way, grab a free month of Epidemic Music, guys!!

Related: for more sources for background music and how to find background music for video (plus a little lesson on copyright and what royalty free means, click here for my epic post on background music.

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GoPro Music Ideas – Links & Freebies for Summer 2017

GoPro Music Ideas – Links & Freebies for Summer 2017

One of the first things I do when edit my GoPro videos is I browse for GoPro Music ideas. I ask myself how I want my video to feel, what “vibe” I want it to have, and stuff like that. Sommetimes finding background music can take forever though! In this post, I put together some of my favorite GoPro background music tunes for Summer. Bookmark this post so you can come back to it! I'll update it as I find more free GoPro music and paid GoPro music. Deal? (The links in this post are affiliate links, and we will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking our links. Read my disclosure policy here.)

Let's start with free background music, shall we?

Free GoPro Music

If you've read my post on background music, you know that Incompetech is my favorite place to get free GoPro music. Here are links to some of my recent favorites for summer!

  • Tech Live is pretty cool, a little funky, but still laid back (free)
  • Sunday Dub is another laid back groovy sound (free)
  • Surf Shimmy is pretty rad… and sounds exactly like you think it should (free)
  • Laser Groove is another cool one (free)

Where to find Free GoPro Music Ideas

If you're not sure what steps you need to take when you use Incompetech's free background music, be sure to read up on my post about using royalty-free background music here.

Every month, AudioJungle provides a free background track on their site. It almost always a good one too (of course that's my opinion 🙂 ). Here's the free one for May: Believe in Happiness (free til the end of May).

Be sure to check back again, as I'll update this post with AudioJungle‘s monthly free tracks!

This isn't totally free, but Epidemic Sound does have 30 days free if you want to try it out. This has become my favorite place for background music for my videos!

YouTube Audio Library

Did you know YouTube has a library of free background music? It's very easy to search through to find the right mood and genre. You should be able to find something there pretty quickly as well.


I don't use SoundCloud to find music, but it is a popular resource for GoPro users and all kinds of video creators. Visit >>

Melody Loops

I've haven't browsed much, but they do have free music selections, as well as paid ones.

More GoPro Music Ideas

As I've mentioned before, I do love browsing music on AudioJungle, so here are a few more GoPro music ideas:

  • Inspiring & Beautiful Pack – This one is Super cinematic. I am a sucker for this cinematic style background music, especially where there is a piano involved.
  • 8-Bit Dubstep has an electronic Super Mario Sound which is super fun for summer! Love this one for an action video.
  • Uplifting Inspirational Electronic Corporate – don't let the word Corporate scare you away. This one has a cool beat and just feels like a good summer track.
  • Dubstep Promo is REALLY cool. It may be a little much for some people but I could see this as background music in a GoPro video for sure.
  • Party Summer Dance – I mean, what is summer without a Party Dance?

I recently learned about a website called Pond5 which has great background music too. Here's a perfect one for summer: It's called Bright, Positive & Inspirational. I Love this light cinematic sound to this one.

Epidemic Sound

Right now, on of my favorite sources of paid background music is Epidemic Sound. Instead of buying a song to use, you pay a monthly fee for unlimited use of their music. What I love about Epidemic Sound is that the music is good. Not that other GoPro music stuff isn't good, it's just the Epidemic Sound's selections sound like real music… not like background music. Check out Epidemic Sound here >>

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Looking for some awesome GoPro Music ideas? Here are some of my favorite resources for GoPro background music

Where to Find Background Music for Video

Where to Find Background Music for Video

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