Background Music

I love geeking out about background music, but this topic can be overwhelming at first: where to find background music, can I use it legally, where to get free background music, etc. But I will cut to the chase:

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My all time favorite place for background music right now is Epidemic Sound. You get affordable, high quality music in all genres, and the best part is: when you use my link, you can get your first month free. All the songs you could ever want, free for 30 days. Click here to give it a try now

For free background music, I highly recommend you take a look at or YouTube’s audio library. Both of those places are the easiest places to find totally free background music.

Royalty-Free Background Music for Videos

Finding royalty-free music for videos can be confusing, but the important thing to remember is that getting a license (permission) to use music is the legal way to use music in YouTube videos and social media videos. Here are my best sources of royalty-free background music!