Diva Ring Light Review

My Diva Ring Light Setup & Review

Have you wondered why I have weird circles in my eyes?! A few months ago, I finally invested in decent lighting! I bought the Diva Super Nova Ring Light, and I've partnered with DVeStore* to bring you my Diva Ring Light Setup and Review of my Super Nova! 

Diva Ring Light Setup

I don't have a dedicated studio where I shoot my YouTube videos… I have to shoot somewhere in my house, and usually, it's the living room. Since I don't have the space to keep studio lighting and whatnot up, I needed a lighting option that was easy, effective and didn't take up much space. That's why I bought the Diva Super Nova Ring Light and I am SO glad I did.

When you have to rely strictly on natural light, it can be very tricky to plan the shooting of your videos. I live in Upstate NY, so natural light (especially in the winter time!) can be sparse, even in the middle of the day!

So I love that The Diva ring light is so easy to set up, that it doesn't matter what the lighting situation is in my house–I can set up and shoot in any room.

Be sure to check out my review video and ring light setup.

Save on your Diva purchase! Use the coupon code vidpromom10 at checkout. I love mine, and I highly recommend it! Check out the Super Nova here: https://goo.gl/7LO5Ct

*The Diva Ring Light Setup & Review video was sponsored by DVeStore. All opinions are my own.

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