My Diva Ring Light Setup & Review

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The Diva Ring Light was actually my first decent investment in lighting for my YouTube videos. I had been using natural light for over a year, and it just wasn’t cutting it!

This is my review of the Diva ring light (I have the supernova model), and this review is sponsored by DVeStore. In this post, I also describe my diva ring light setup.

Diva Ring Light

When I bought the Diva ring light supernova model, I didn’t have a dedicated studio where I shoot my YouTube videos. I had to shoot somewhere in my house, and usually, it was the living room.

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Since I don’t have the space to keep studio lighting and whatnot up, I needed a lighting option that was easy, effective, and didn’t take up much space.

That’s why I bought the Diva Super Nova Ring Light and I am SO glad I did!

Be sure to watch this diva light ring review on YouTube or click play below.

VIDEO: Diva Ring Light Setup

When you have to rely strictly on natural light, it can be very tricky to plan the shooting of your videos. I live in Upstate NY, so natural light (especially in the winter time!) can be sparse, even in the middle of the day!

So I love that The Diva ring light is so easy to set up, that it doesn’t matter what the lighting situation is in my houseā€“I can set up and shoot in any room.

The Diva Ring Light comes with an L-bracket that attaches to your tripod. Then, instead of attaching your camera to your tripod, you attach it to the top of the L-bracket. This props your camera up so it’s near the center of your ring light.

Diva Ring Light Supernova

The Super Nova model light ring is the one that I bought, and I chose this model because it is dimmable and it comes with a diffuser sleeve. I’ve never had any problems with the supernova light, and I highly recommend the Diva brand.

If a light ring is the only light source that you have space for, it’s definitely an improvement over using natural light alone, but it’s a good idea to utilize the light ring along with natural light.

Save on your Diva purchase! Use the coupon code vidpromom10 at checkout. I love mine, and I highly recommend it! Check out the Super Nova here!

Update: since writing this post, I have moved into a new house with a new office/studio! I have two umbrella lights now, and only use the Diva ring light occasionally when I need a little extra light. To see a full list of my camera and video gear, check my gear list at!