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Welcome back to the Crush It on Camera series! If you’re new here, my name is Meredith, and I’m here to help you look good, sound good, and feel good on camera. Because I believe everyone can create pro looking videos that grow your audience and your business with YouTube. So now I want to talk about some tips to easily edit your YouTube videos, a challenge many content creators face. If you’re struggling with editing your YouTube videos, I’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll break down the art of editing YouTube videos, following my tried-and-true BFF method: Basic, Fine Tune, and Fancy.

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The BFF Method for Editing YouTube Videos: Basic, Fine Tune, and Fancy

Editing YouTube videos can be overwhelming, with numerous software options available. I personally use Descript for its simplicity, making it accessible for solo content creators. I usually finalize almost all of my edits inside Premiere pro, which is a lot more advanced. But no matter what video editing software I’m using, I always follow this process that I teach in detail inside my 30 days to a Thriving YouTube Channel called the BFF method: Basic, Fine tune, and Fancy.

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B – Basic Edits: Trimming Dead Space

First things first, basic edits for YouTube videos involve getting rid of any dead space, mistakes, or content you don’t want in your videos. Descript makes this process seamless by allowing you to edit directly from the transcript. Identify mistakes, highlight, hit delete, and watch your video tighten up. So like I mentioned in my last post in the Crush It On Camera series, I like to do this when I’m done recording so that I have a rough draft. I have all of the basic edits done, and I can move on to fine tuning.

F – Fine Tuning: Perfecting Transitions and Audio

Once your basic edits are done, it’s time to fine-tune. Adjust cuts, trim where needed, and pay attention to volume inconsistencies. This is also a good time to adjust any volume issues you might have. Descript will typically adjust the volume of your video for you. It usually does a good job of balancing the volume out for you, but it’s always a good idea to review it and make sure everything flows smoothly. This step sets the stage for a polished final product.

F – Fancy: Adding Graphics and Animations

Now, the fun part – getting fancy. After fine-tuning, consider adding elements like logos or title screens. Now I do highly recommend, and I can’t stress this enough. Before you start adding graphics and animations and getting really fancy with your edits, you really should have a good rough draft and do all your fine tuning first. Because it’s fun to play with all of the bells and whistles, but it is also rather time consuming. So I don’t wanna get into all of the nitty gritty details, but the process for editing YouTube videos using the BFF method is the exact same no matter what editor you’re using, start with your basic edits then fine tune those edits. And then if you have time and you have the desire, you can get fancy.

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.So if you’re a solo online business owner, solo content creator, keep it simple and just focus on being consistent in getting your videos out there. Because let’s be honest. You’re creating videos to grow your audience and your business with YouTube, so any amount of time you spend doing something optional or just fancy just because, takes time away from simply creating even more videos. Because the more videos you have on your channel, the faster your channel is going to grow. So when it comes to making any video content on YouTube to grow your audience, building a library of binge worthy videos is the most powerful way to do that. I have a video explaining exactly how to become bingeable on YouTube. This can help you can attract new viewers and subscribers, and more revenue with every video that you publish.