Elevate Your Home YouTube Studio: Gear Upgrades and Tips for Online Creators

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Hey there, fellow creators and online business owners! I’m Meredith Marsh, and today I’m thrilled to give you an exclusive tour of my updated YouTube studio. Over the years, I’ve made significant gear upgrades and tweaks to optimize my setup. If you’re curious about how to enhance your own home YouTube studio, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the details!

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Creating the Perfect Space for Your Home YouTube Studio

When it comes to setting up your YouTube studio, space and arrangement are key. In my case, I’ve utilized a spare bedroom in my basement. Placing my desk at the center allows me to achieve the ideal camera angle, lighting, and background blur. Don’t cram your desk in a corner; give yourself room to move around comfortably.

Mastering the Mac Studio

Upgrading my computer was a game-changer. I switched to the Mac Studio, boosting my RAM from 8 to 32 gigabytes. This not only opened up more ports for essential connections but also eliminated the frustrating slowdowns I faced with my previous setup. Remember, stability is crucial; even the slightest vibration can affect your recording quality.

Optimizing Storage with External Drives

To keep things running smoothly, I store all my video assets on a LaCie external hard drive. This 4-5 terabyte powerhouse ensures seamless access to all my files, preventing any storage hiccups during recording or editing.

Lighting the Scene

Lighting sets the stage for a professional-looking video. I rely on the Elgato Key Light, strategically positioned to cast just the right glow. For a warm and natural tone, I complement it with a regular household lamp. And let’s not forget about the Elgato string lights that add a touch of magic to the background. I love them also because I can change the colors on them from my computer or my Stream Deck. I have some pre-set colors in here that I can change or I can turn them off completely if I want to.

Painting Your YouTube Studio

I have been thinking about maybe painting my office again. I painted it a couple years ago, but learned you shouldn’t paint your walls the same color as your skin tone. But it’s one of the reasons why I like having these lights behind me, because I can kind of separate myself a little bit more from my background, and it’s a little bit more fun like that. I also have a couple of LED lights from Stellar. They are really harsh, but every once in a while, I want to film so that my desk is actually behind me. So I’ll scoot my chair over there and set up my camera. And so I just have those LED lights in place facing the wall so they bounce off the wall. Or if I happen to need to film in here when it’s dark outside, I might bounce them off the wall so that I have a little bit more light coming in.

Stream Deck: A Creator’s Best Friend

Let’s talk about the Stream Deck real quick, because it is a small but mighty device that streamlines my workflow. I can program it to open up a website or start a Zoom call, and can also control my lights with it. And of course, I can also use shortcuts for different video editors. This nifty tool makes everything a breeze.

Mastering Audio

Audio quality is non-negotiable for a successful YouTube channel. The Mackie M-Caster Studio is a game-changing addition, ensuring crystal-clear sound. It acts as a bridge between my microphone and computer, simplifying the entire process.

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Microphones and Mounts in Your YouTube Studio

The Shure SM7dB microphone has become my go-to, thanks to its exceptional audio quality. It is the newer version of the Shure SM7B. Once I plugged this mic in and started using it, I understood why it is so popular. For my microphone stand, I use the Elgato Wave Mic Arm LP. It’s meant to be a low profile, but because I have it mounted to the shelves that I built for my desk, it’s not very low profile. It’s fine for me, and I like it better than having one of the mic arms that would be actually in my face or in the way. I really love the Elgato products, and I actually don’t use a tripod at all these days. I’m using the Elgato Master Mount L. My Elgato Key Light is on a Master Mount. And then my teleprompter is on the Master Mount S. So those are both mounted to the shelves that are clamped to my desk.

Creating the Perfect Shot

My trusty Canon M50 Mark II, coupled with a 16mm Sigma lens, has been a reliable workhorse. While it’s not a 4k powerhouse, it delivers outstanding results for my needs. The Cam Link ensures a seamless connection to my computer, ensuring I’m always ready to roll.

DJI Mic for Recording on the Go

For videos that I record where I’m not sitting in front of my desk, I still love the DJI microphone. It’s a wireless lavalier mic. I use it with the camera or my phone. It’s so easy that you can just plug and play it into whatever device you happen to be using. I still hate that it has an extra little cord because I forgot to take this with me when I went to Sweden. Luckily, because the DJI Mic has internal recording, I was able to record it into the microphone itself without having to connect the receiver to the camera. So that worked out fine. I just had to sync the audio later. But if DJI comes out with a DJI Mic 2.0 with a thing that’s not detached, I’m getting it.

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What’s Next

The Canon R10 is my go-to for capturing b-roll and on-the-go content. While it’s a fantastic addition, I’ve found the lens could use an upgrade for a truly professional touch. Exploring the capabilities of my new iPhone 15 Pro Max is on my agenda, as these devices continue to push boundaries in video quality.


Remember, your YouTube studio is an evolving space, and what matters most is the content you create. Invest in gear that aligns with your style and budget. Whether it’s upgrading your microphone or perfecting your lighting, each step forward brings you closer to creating exceptional content. Keep pushing boundaries, and who knows? You might just be the next YouTube sensation!

So, here’s to your YouTube studio journey! If you have any questions or want more insights into my setup, feel free to drop a comment below. And don’t forget to check out my video on how to become binge-worthy on YouTube without spending hours creating videos.