Etsy Marketing with YouTube

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Are you a into crafts and a store on Etsy? Are you still trying to figure out how to get more people to your store?  If so, you are in for a treat with this podcast.

In episode 37 we are talking with Adrienne Carrie from the Crafty Little Gnome about all things Etsy and how a blog and YouTube channel fit into this handmade market.  Adrienne is a jewelry artist and blogger. With her videos she helps people on a budget create DIY and craft projects by teaching them new skills via video. Adrian is a member of the Video Pursuit Membership Community and has been using video to help build her business.

I’m excited to have Adrienne join the Video Pursuit Podcast to discuss the Etsy world of online business and how it fits into her blogging and YouTube channel.

I enjoy learning about new areas of business online and hearing stories of people who got started with their businesses online and I think you will enjoy hearing about Adrienne’s path to success.

Listen to Episode 37:  Etsy Marketing With YouTube

Etsy Marketing with Adrienne Carrie Hubbard

Adrienne started Crafty Little Gnome about 10 years ago when she lived in Canada. She started the Etsy shop first with no background in making jewelry.  She saw what others were making and made similar items.  She listed them on Etsy and then just let them sit there. 

Later she moved to the states and while waiting for her green card to start working, she started her blog. The two became her hobby she worked on in her spare time.

About 2 years ago, she quite her job to focus on her businesses.  Currently she has several YouTube channels and she sells wire wrapped crystals and custom made necklaces in her Etsy store. Her plans are to move into home décor items in the near future.

Using Video

Adrienne creates videos that correspond to her blog posts on Crafty Little Gnome.  An example would be if she is talking about a decorating project or renovation on the blog, she will share a tutorial of a project that she has done and a tour of the room.  She also does recipes and other fun things.

On her Adrienne Carrie Hubbard YouTube channel she teaches people how to sell their arts and crafts online.  Adrienne commented, “I wanted to teach other people how to turn their art hobby or their crafting hobby into a business because I know a lot of people who find out what I’m doing and they want to learn how to do it too.”

Using Three Platforms

How does she handle the three separate platforms to grow her business?  She includes opt-ins for an e-book and other freebies to help people learn how to sell their craft on her crafting blog.  When they come to the blog to learn how to make something, they see an opt-in to learn to sell what they make.  Adrienne mentioned, “When they opt-in they are on my mailing list.  When I’m making new YouTube video’s I email subscribers so they can go to my YouTube channels and learn more.”

She also used a giveaway for a free piece of jewelry to grow her list. 

Planning Pays Off

A bit of planning allows Adrienne to schedule her craft tutorial to go with a blog post.  Her keyword research in the planning process helps her find topics that relate to her Etsy shop and makes sure her blog post and her video show up as a search result giving her more authority on the topic.

She uses an email funnel to send her list a variety of tips about crafting and business. This opens up the lines of communication and builds trust.

Adrienne’s Etsy and Video Tips

Adrienne also shared several tips for beginners or those who have been on Etsy but not making sales:

  1. Make sure you have enough stuff listed to sell. (You need more than 10 items.)
  2. Photos are important. Make sure they are of good quality.
  3. Do keyword research and use the correct keywords for your items.
  4. Ask yourself: Is it something others are selling successfully?  What are they doing differently?
  5. Are you costs in line with others who are selling similar items?
  6. Use social media to promote your products.
  7. Create video about the product, the supplies to make, a tutorial, show how it is made, the finished product, etc. 


Feat Etsy Marketing With Youtube And Blogging With Adrienne Carrie From Crafty Little Gnome