Are these four bad habits COSTING you subscribers?

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Are you a YouTube creator struggling to attract views and retain viewers? If so, it might be time to examine your video-making habits. In this article, we’ll discuss four common bad habits that could be causing your viewers to stop watching. By breaking these habits, you can improve the overall quality of your videos and build a thriving YouTube channel. So, let’s dive in and learn how to create content that keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

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Habit #1: Avoid Looking at Yourself Instead of the Lens

When recording videos, it’s essential to maintain eye contact with your viewers. Avoid the temptation to constantly check your appearance on the screen or desktop. Instead, focus on looking directly at the camera lens. This establishes a connection with your audience, making them feel like you’re having a conversation with them. While it’s natural to glance away occasionally, especially when thinking or collecting your thoughts, remember to prioritize eye contact with your viewers. Breaking this habit will enhance the overall watching experience for your audience.

Habit #2: Shoot to Edit and Craft Clear Sentences

Keep in mind that you’ll be editing your videos later, which means you should shoot with editing in mind. A common habit is letting sentences run on without clear breaks. This makes it challenging to edit later and can result in awkward pauses or incomplete thoughts. To address this, structure your sentences to be clear and concise. Pause briefly at the end of a sentence, take a breath, and continue with the next one. This provides clean editing points, ensuring a more natural flow in your final video.

Additionally, avoid ending sentences with filler words like “um” or “uh.” While some natural conversation elements are acceptable, try to conclude your thoughts in a clean manner, reducing the need for filler words.

Habit #3: Master Smooth Transitions Through Effective Editing

Editing plays a crucial role in creating engaging videos. While it may appear that professional YouTubers deliver flawless content in one take, the truth is that editing is responsible for the seamless transitions between clips. When editing, pay close attention to the gaps between clips. Leaving too much dead space or awkward pauses can make your videos feel unnatural and disrupt the viewer’s experience. Zoom in on the waveforms to ensure smooth transitions between sentences and maintain a natural flow. By focusing on these small but significant details, you can elevate the overall quality of your videos.

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Habit #4: Prioritize Audio Quality for an Engaging Experience

Good audio quality is vital for creating an enjoyable viewing experience. Make sure your microphone is positioned correctly, preferably close to your face, to capture clear and crisp audio. Additionally, always check your audio settings before recording to ensure the levels are optimal. I’ve done a couple videos on my channel talking about mic levels, especially using the DJI Mic. I also recently learned about Adobe’s free microphone check to analyze and adjust your audio settings. Remember, people may tolerate a poorly shot video, but they won’t tolerate bad audio quality. Strive for a balance between great visuals and clear audio to provide your viewers with a well-rounded experience.

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Breaking bad habits is essential for YouTube creators seeking to grow their channels and build a loyal audience. By addressing these four common habits—avoiding excessive self-focus, shooting to edit, mastering smooth transitions, and prioritizing audio quality—you can enhance the watchability and overall quality of your videos. Remember, creating engaging content involves practice and continuous improvement. Embrace these changes, and over time, you’ll establish yourself as a knowledgeable subject matter expert in your niche. So, start implementing these habit-breaking techniques, and watch your YouTube channel flourish.

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