Free Software for Editing Videos and Home Movies

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Is there FREE video editing software out there? You bet. And yes, you can create digital home movies with any of them!

Here’s a little run down of some of the free software available to you to edit home movies.

See where I list a whole bunch of  video editing software available to people like you and me who aren’t video editing pros.

This post is dedicated just to the FREE options you have available for editing software. There are some really good free programs out there.

GoPro Studio Video Editing Software for Home Movies

GoProStudio is an editing platform by GoPro for Mac and PC. GoPro has done a really good job of creating this app for complete beginners. So that you can take your GoPro out of it’s box, record something, and edit it so that you can upload it to YouTube, or Facebook, or whatever you want to do. They’ve made it very, very simple.

For basic video editing for the common person, GoPro Studio is a great place to start.

Windows Movie Maker Video Editing Software for Home Movies -

Windows Movie Maker is pretty commonly found on all PCs these days. It’s also free but it’s only available on a PC so you can’t use it on a Mac. It’s also a very basic video editor for a beginner.

Personally I don’t use Windows Movie Maker because I have a Mac, but I know that a lot of people got started in their video editing learning with Windows Movie Maker. Hey, when it’s free, it’s a great thing to learn on!

Animoto Video Editing Software for Home Movies -

Animoto is actually a website, where you can create an account and edit your videos right online. There is a free version, so you can edit 30 second videos that are web quality (sometimes that’s all you need). You can pay for the Plus version or the Pro version, which give you better quality and longer videos.

I’ve never personally used Animoto but I like that there is a free version that you can try out.

GoPro Studio Video Editing Software for Home Movies

Another online editor you can use is actually right inside YouTube at You can drop your movie files in there, you can add pictures, music, transitions, and titles – all kinds of crazy stuff.

You can do all the right online at, for free with a YouTube account.

This is another great one for beginners because it is free, and you don’t have to download anything. So if you want to get started with something really simple and easy, just go straight to YouTube!

iMovie video editing software for Home Movies -

I also want to mention a piece of software that, although it’s not free, it is only $15.  iMovie is actually the program that I first learned how to edit video on, and I’ve played with it a lot, just for fun. I use it occasionally now just to edit some simple videos.

It’s a good one to check out, again it’s only $15, it’s not free but I had to throw it in here because if you have a Mac, I highly recommend using it to get started.

Download GoPro Studio:

Download Windows Movie Maker:

Download Animoto:

Download YouTube Editor:

Download iMovie ($15):

Pssst: See for a complete list of free (and paid) video editing software, plus download links.