Do This after EVERY Upload to Grow Your Business with YouTube

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If you’re here to grow your business with YouTube, you are smart, my friend! YouTube is a phenomenal place to build your audience online when growing your business… but don’t skip out on doing these things after you post a new video to YouTube!

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Grow Your Business with YouTube

I just love the little metrics box showing my latest YouTube video performance. It’s the most fun thing to stalk after every video I publish on YouTube. And if your video’s doing well, it throws a little bit of confetti. It’s so much fun! But, obsessively checking your analytics isn’t one of the things that you should always do when publishing a new YouTube video.

However, if you like that kind of thing, read through to the end of this blog. I’ll break down exactly what those metrics are telling you. So, here are the Top 4 things to do every single time you hit Publish with a new video on your YouTube channel to grow your channel and grow your business.

VIDEO: Do This after EVERY Upload to Grow Your Business with YouTube

1. Comment on Your NEW Video

grow your business with youtube by commenting on your NEW video

First, publish your video to YouTube. Then, go to your video and comment on it. You’re gonna do two things with that comment.

  • You’re going to put a sentence using the keywords from the video, if you can. Just any sentence about that video, “Hope you like this video on blah, blah, blah, insert keyword here”.
  • You’re going to invite your viewers to either watch another one of your videos with a link to that video. Then, ask them to subscribe to your channel with a link to your channel. I know they’re already on your channel, but just trust me here.

If you’re growing your email list and using a freebie as a way to grow your email list, you can also link to where people can opt into that freebie. For me, I have TubeBuddy installed. That gives me an extra little shortcut there to make my link in the second part of my comment in bold format.

2. Pin Your Comment so it Stays at The Top

always pin your comment so that it stays on the top

Once you make that comment, there’s probably a good chance that your comment is going to be the first comment. But, we still want to make sure that your comment stays at the top AT ALL TIMES. So you could hit the little dots over on the right-hand side of the comment section and hit Pin. That’s going to keep your comment at the top of all of the other comments.

Now, once you do have some comments rolling in on your video, you should probably respond to those people. Those
are your most engaged viewers. They were there when the video was first published. They took the time and the energy to leave a comment. That’s a good time to actually reply to those comments. It’s up to you whether you reply to ALL the comments forever. But when you first publish your video, keep an eye on your comment section so that you can reply to those most engaged viewers.

3. Publish a Blog Post For LONG TERM Business Growth

grow your business with youtube by creating blog post

It can be tempting to take a link to your YouTube video and blast it out on all of your other personal social media pages like Facebook or Twitter. One of those is probably a better idea than the other, maybe Twitter. Maybe you want to give your video and your channel the best long-term boost to grow your channel, get more views on all of your videos, and just overall see success as a content creator online. If you want that, I recommend that you publish a blog post every time you publish a YouTube video. This can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be.

I can tell you from experience that the traffic to my blog plays a huge role in my audience growth and overall business growth. So if you’re interested in growing your audience and revenue outside of just YouTube, then don’t skip this part. I do have a video on my channel on how to turn your YouTube videos into blog posts fast. So I’m not going to rehash all of those steps in this blog. You can just watch it here.

How Do Blog Posts Grow Your YouTube Business?

grow your business with youtube by creating blog post

The reason why blogs are so important is that you have the opportunity to attract people outside of YouTube. You can get those audiences into your email list, generate website traffic, and show them all that you have to offer. For example, take a look at the Google search results for one of my videos. If you scroll down past the ads, you can see my video is right on top of the results. Then, below the video is a link to my blog post.

I am taking up so much space on the precious Google SERP. The search engine ranking position (SERP) on that first page, it’s all me. And really it all comes down to SEO for blogging. It is critical to pay attention and know what you’re doing when it comes to SEO. If you want me to do a video on my blog workflow and SEO workflow, then hit me up and let me know.

Also, you’re going to want to take your YouTube video and embed it into your blog post. If you’re using WordPress, you can simply take the URL of the video and just copy it in and it will turn into a video. Though I don’t have 100% certainty that this makes a positive difference on either your blog post or your YouTube video, it can’t hurt. You’re going to take your blog post URL after it’s published. You’re going to paste it into the description of your YouTube video somewhere like the top part of your description, or maybe wherever you put your links.

4. Send an E-Mail to Your E-Mail List

using convertkit for sending email

Now, you are using your YouTube channel and your blog to grow your email list, right? The folks on your email list may be the most likely people to actually be excited to see that you have a new video and want to go and watch it. So instead of waiting for them to open up their YouTube and watch your video, why not send them an email right away? For me, I use ConvertKit for this and I keep it really simple, really basic.

sending email to grow your business with youtube

I repeat this process every single time. I just duplicate one of my previous emails, and I have a couple of paragraphs. Sometimes, it’s just a couple of sentences. I have the title of the video, I’m linking to the video, and linking to the blog posts (not everybody wants to watch a YouTube video). Then, I’ll sign off with my name, and don’t forget the PS! You can put a link to the video in the PS section as well.

The trick here with the email is to not give too much of your content away. You want to let people know that you have a new video. You want to give them just enough information so that if they’re interested in that topic, they click the Play button. Then, hopefully, watch the whole video so you get that traffic on YouTube.

Obsess Over Your Metrics Looking for Ways to Improve

use youtube metrics to improve your next videos

Now, what can you do about this fun little latest video performance box? So this box is telling you how your most recent video is performing, metrics-wise, as compared to the previous videos that you published in the same time period.

If your current fresh new video is doing about as well as your other videos when it comes to views, click-through rate, and the average view duration, you’re going to get a little green checkmark. If it’s not doing quite as well as your other previous videos, and I mean even by the slightest amount, you’re going to get a down arrow. Then, if it’s doing a little bit better or a lot better than your previous videos, then you’re going to get a green up arrow.

What do you do with that information? Well, after a couple of days, not right away, YouTube will have the chance to figure out what your video is about, who’s watching your video, and who it could push your video out to further. If your click-through rate is lower than what you want it to be, you could switch out your thumbnail. All you have to do is create a new thumbnail, switch it out, and hit save.

You could also change the title of your video to make it a little bit juicy. That might improve your click-through rate. It might, it’s just a test. Other than that, if you just publish that video and you’re watching that box like a hawk, there’s not a whole lot you can do other than take some notes and ask yourself some questions about how you can improve your next video, based on how this one is performing.

Look For What You Can Improve

For example, if you want to get a green arrow on the views metric, which we all do, then you may want to ask yourself, what’s preventing that from happening? What’s preventing my video from getting more views? Is it that they’re just seeing it and they’re like, “Man, that’s not that interesting.” Maybe the video is interesting, but you could create a little bit more of a juicy title, or a little bit more of a curiosity-driven thumbnail, right?

Maybe putting some more thought into what exactly is going to entice people to click on this video and hit play is going to help you in your next video to increase and improve that click-through rate metric when it comes to the average view duration. This kind of comes down to how boring your video isn’t. The more interesting, more helpful, more entertaining, whatever your video is, the longer people will stay watching your video.

YouTube, of course, wants people to stay on YouTube as long as possible. That’s why they share this very important metric with you. YouTube is like trying to nicely say, “Hey, could you make your videos a little less boring?” And if you’re happy with your average view duration, you’re getting green arrows every time you hit upload for that metric, then you’re doing pretty good. I always have some improvement that I can make in that area along with my click-through rate but most of what I just said is about improving your next video.


So you just published a video. You’re going to comment on the video then write a blog post, it doesn’t have to be fancy. You’re going to send an email, it doesn’t have to be complicated. And then, you’re going to watch those metrics for how to improve your next video.

I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful in understanding how to grow your business on YouTube with long-term thinking and planning. If so, please share it on social media or forward the link to a friend who may also find these insights useful!

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