How Many YouTube Subscribers Do You Need to Make Money?

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Are you wondering how big your YouTube audience needs to be before you can start generating revenue from courses, programs, and digital products? The answer might surprise you – you can start monetizing your expertise much sooner than you think!

Don’t Wait for Permission to Monetize Your Content

Many of us operate from a permission-based paradigm, waiting for someone to tell us it’s okay to follow our dreams and monetize our ideas. But as an entrepreneur, you can’t sit around waiting for permission. Now is the time to take action and start building your business.

You don’t need a huge audience on YouTube to begin selling your own products and services. In fact, trying to build up a big following first before figuring out how to generate revenue is a mistake. If you’re creating valuable content and have experience and expertise to share, you can create a course or program that provides a return on the time and effort you’re investing.

Think Like a Business Owner from Day One

To succeed on YouTube, you need to think like a business owner first, not just a content creator. Determine what problem you want to solve and what you want to sell, then create content that attracts your ideal customers and builds demand for your offer.

Many influencers have millions of followers but are broke because they haven’t tied their content to a business model. Don’t make the same mistake! Make sure the content you love to create also generates revenue for you.

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Attract Leads, Not Just an Audience

There is a big difference between an audience and leads. An audience passively watches your content, while a lead is someone who wants to work with you and is ready for the next step.

To build your business, focus on attracting leads from your YouTube audience. Observe who is engaging with your content and what they are coming to you for. There may be opportunities right in front of you to provide paid coaching, courses, or services that solve your audience’s problems.

You can start generating clients and customers before you even have an email list by doing a beta launch of your program. Charge people upfront to participate in weekly group coaching and training while you build out your course. This allows you to get paid to launch your business!

The Bottom Line

Don’t buy into the myth that you need a massive following before you can monetize your YouTube channel. Start with the end in mind by determining what you want to sell, then create content that strategically attracts your ideal clients and customers.

Turn your audience into leads and make that critical link between your free content and paid offers. With the right strategy and mindset, you can build a profitable business on YouTube no matter the size of your subscriber count.

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