How To Create a Pro-Looking YouTube Channel (Even if you’re new)

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Is your YouTube channel a hot mess? The “blank slate” feeling is overwhelming if you’re just starting out (or even if you’ve been at it for a while), but if you’re curious about how to create a professional YouTube channel, I have a few small tweaks you can make. In fact, starting from a blank slate is an advantage!

How to create a professional YouTube Channel

I want to let you know that in this post, I am talking strictly about YouTube and if you haven’t set up a YouTube channel at all yet, that’s ok! I have a really quick and easy training inside of the Video for Bloggers Facebook group. So if you’re starting from scratch, start here!

Discover How To Create Pro-Looking YouTube Videos (Even As A Beginner)

But no matter what your channel looks like right now… whether you’re rocking YouTube or if it looks abandoned, new, or old, this episode is all about small tweaks you can make to create a professional YouTube channel.

Listen to Episode 18: How To Create a Pro-Looking YouTube Channel (Even if you’re just starting out)

YouTube Channel Art 

Your YouTube channel art is the quickest and easiest way to look “pro” on YouTube. There are a lot of YouTube channel art theories flying around out there but keep it simple… make sure it’s branded with your logo, your colors, and things like that.

Also, make sure that it’s clear what your channel is about. Your channel art doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be consistent with your brand. You might even be able to re-use what you’re using for your Facebook cover photo, or you can design a new one for free with something like Canva or PicMonkey.

During the 5-Day challenge I mentioned earlier, we are going to dive further into creating a Polished YouTube Channel and I even have a template for your channel art that will be helpful for getting the right size and layout, so make sure you’re signed up for that!

YouTube Channel Links

This is so easy, but often overlooked! In your YouTube Channel Art area, there is a place to add a handful of your own links. The first one gets a full name, and the rest only get the favicon so make sure that the first one is the most important link… a link to your lead magnet, your Instagram, your most popular blog post, or even a link to subscribe to your channel! 

Customize YouTube Channel Home Page

Did you know you can customize your channel homepage? By default, it probably shows your most recent activity. That might mean your most recent uploads, videos you have liked, or channels you have subscribed to.

We don’t want that! You can easily customize your channel home page by adding a featured video and sections that you can group by topic, by playlist, and so on.

But what if you don’t have ANY videos AT ALL? 

Easy! Create a handful of sections (think 2 or 3) of playlists, and make those playlists the niche topics that you plan to create videos about on your channel. Maybe there are some from your favorite channels or popular channels in your niche. But make sure they are in your niche.

That way, whether you have your own videos organized nicely on your homepage or you have other useful videos, your channel doesn’t look dilapidated. Right? It looks active, it looks alive, and it looks like it’s just begging to be filled with more great video content.

I have a TON more tricks up my sleeve but I can’t give them all away here or you won’t show up to my 5-day Challenge! So here’s what you need to do next:

Download the Blueprint for a Polished YouTube Channel at vidpromom.com/blueprint so you can start to see a clear path for creating a Polished & Profitable YouTube presence.

THEN reserve your seat for the next challenge… 5 Days to a Polished & Profitable YouTube Presence…

Create A Professional Youtube Channel