How To Get Videos From Your iPhone (or ANY phone!) Onto Your Computer – THE EASY WAY

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This is one of my favorite tricks. For some reason, it seems super high tech to non-techy people but you guys: IT. IS. SUPER. SIMPLE. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dropbox is your friend. I promise.

Dropbox is free (totally), and it’s easy to install on your Mac or PC and your phone. It’s SUPER easy way to share files one your computer and your phone.

It’s basically a folder out there in the cloud that no one can access (except for you, unless you share it). I use it every day to send files from my computer to my iPhone, and from my iPhone back to my computer.

Why do it with Dropbox?

The normal way to access iPhone photos and videos on your computer is through iPhoto. And I really really do not like iPhoto. It’s slow, and clunky, and it’s just bad. I avoid opening that program on my Mac at all costs.

If you go that route, iOS’ photo stream functions is great! But if you’re like me and hate iPhoto, then Dropbox is a sweet solution for shooting family videos on your iPhone, and getting them to your computer to edit.

This post contains a referral link to dropbox.