IGTV vs. YouTube: Is IGTV The YouTube Killer?

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Ever since IGTV came out in June 2018, there is no hiding from the IGTV vs. YouTube debate for bloggers and content creators. I’ve even heard IGTV called “the YouTube killer”… but is it, really? Does IGTV change the game for Instagram and vlogging overall? That’s what I dive into in blog post and Video Pursuit Podcast episode.

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What is IGTV?

Right now, IGTV is a standalone app, created by Instagram, where you can upload your IGTV videos, and watch other IGTV Channels. You can also watch IGTV videos and browse IGTV channels in the regular Instagram app as well.

The biggest thing to keep in mind about IGTV is that it’s vertical video. The vertical video format has been creeping its way into our lives thanks to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, and mobile device use overall.

IGTV vs. YouTube

So is it the YouTube killer? Is it even a game changer?

First of all, I think at the moment, it’s a little too early to tell whether it’s a game changer. I believe it is a game changer for Instagram, as a platform, but whether it is a game changer for content creators and bloggers… I don’t know. It certainly gives us more options to interact with our audience and create video content, though.

The only way you will know whether IGTV is something YOU should do (or not do) is to establish your desired outcome with creating videos.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is Instagram my main platform?
  • Do I already have an audience on Instagram?
  • What is growing an audience on Instagram going to do for me?
  • How does creating Instagram IGTV videos serve my audience?

In general, you need to ask yourself: What are you trying to achieve?

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YouTube is better for discoverability

One of the biggest downsides of IGTV is the lack of discoverability outside of Instagram. Organic search through search engines like Google aren’t going to help you out here at this point.

People don’t go to Instagram to look for solutions, they go for inspiration, aspiration, and even escape. So if you’re planning to start an IGTV channel about how to plumb a toilet, expecting people to find you because they searched Google… I think you’ll be disappointed.

Whereas with YouTube, you absolutely could create a channel about that exact topic and get views immediately.

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Igtv Vs Youtube