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Should You Start A Youtube Channel For Your Blog

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Is YouTube necessary in 2018? If you’re a blogger, should you start a YouTube channel for your blog, or is it too late? Spoiler Alert: No, it’s not too late to start a YouTube channel! Let me give you 7 solid reasons why bloggers should start a YouTube channel and create a YouTube content plan along with blog content.

Should You Start A Youtube Channel

It has been “the year of video” for like a decade now, but it’s not too late. Actually, video is bigger than ever not only with YouTube, but also with Facebook Live, Facebook Watch, and Instagram Stories. So with all those other options… should you start a YouTube channel for your blog? Be sure to catch my video on this topic and subscribe to the VidProMom YouTube channel for more!

Here are seven reasons why you absolutely should start a YouTube channel for your blog!

Instant SEO and Ranking

One of my favorite things about YouTube is that the ranking of the search results is instant on YouTube. When you publish a blog post, you have to wait for Google to crawl your site and then rank your new post. Well, on YouTube, it’s instantaneous. Instantly, you can start seeing your videos in your search results!

Should you start a YouTube channel, make sure you apply your SEO strategies from your blog posts in your YouTube video title and description. Makes sense, right?

Brands love video

Brands love video because people love video! So, if you’re a blogger and you’d like to work with brands to maybe get products to review, or do sponsored content, they’re gonna like you on video. So, whether it’s Facebook Video, or Instagram Stories, or YouTube, I mean … YouTube is kind of the place to be for video.

YouTube and Google are BFFs

I think we can assume that, because YouTube is owned by Google, then by being on YouTube, embedding your videos into your blog post, and linking your blog post in your YouTube videos is going to help you out on Google. I’m actually running some experiments right now on my blog and my YouTube channel… I’ll be talking about that on the Video Pursuit Podcast. So, if you like experiments and geeky stuff like that, then you should definitely subscribe to the Video Pursuit Podcast.

Video Gets Straight to the Point

I think video helps you get straight to the point really fast. I think it might depend a little bit on the topics and the types of videos that you’re creating. But, let me just tell you, I have bullet points here in my notes. I will later create a whole blog post about this, but it would take me probably two hours to script this whole entire thing out word-for-word as a blog post, as opposed to me just talking to the camera. So, you can get your point across really clear, with your emotion and your personality and your charisma.

Video offers Clear Content or Instructions

You can explain things really well. If you create recipe blog posts or something, you can show exactly what needs to be done, because you’re showing it happen on video rather than just writing it out in words. So, in a lot of ways, creating a video is actually a better way to serve your audience. Again, it depends on the type of content and the topics that you’re covering, but for the most part, I think that having something to watch, having a video, better serves that content to the audience, or at least is a really great supplement to the written material.

YouTube videos can be Fast to Create

You might find that actually creating a video is quicker than writing a blog post. This is gonna depend on your personality and what you like, but some people don’t like to write, or maybe they’re not even really good at writing. But they can open up a camera, press record, and start talking to it. So, in some cases, it might even be faster.

YouTube Expands your Income Streams

Creating content on YouTube as a blogger actually opens up some other profit paths for you. And that’s actually the topic of today’s podcast episode. It’s episode 9 of the Video Pursuit Podcast, which is on three ways that bloggers can make more money by creating content on YouTube. So, if you are interested in making more money by creating YouTube content, then head over to the Video Pursuit Podcast. You can search it up in iTunes, or go to

So, what do you think? Should you start a YouTube channel for your blog? You already know my answer, but I’d love to hear what you think!

Should You Start A Youtube Channel For Your Blog?