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The SIMPLE YouTube Strategy for Starting from SCRATCH

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Starting and growing on YouTube when you’re busy with a full-time job, a family, and a life can be overwhelming… So in this blog, I’m breaking down the SIMPLE strategy so you’re not wasting time on stuff that doesn’t ultimately help you reach success on YouTube.

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SIMPLE YouTube Strategy

Frankly, there are a lot of complicated things to do when starting a YouTube channel, like you have to know what videos to create, how to create those videos, keyword researches, SEO optimization, and the list goes on. However, one thing that I was able to emphasize to my clients and Video Pursuit Society members is to start out and make their strategy really simple. I’ve always told them to focus on the things that will actually grow their channel and audience.

In addition, focusing on non-essential things will just likely make things more complicated for you. Which might eventually cause burnout or loss of passion for you with your YouTube channel. Since December, there have been lots of people contacting me about starting their YouTube channel. That is one of the reasons why I’ve decided to share with you the 6 pieces of a simple YouTube strategy!

Spider Web Effect

You may have already heard about Spider Web Effect before on my past videos. It’s something that you can use as a planning tool and as a strategy. This concept is very much similar to a literal spider web, which catches things as they fly by.

The idea of this is to see your ideal audiences/subscribers as the “flies” that you will catch on your “web” of content. It starts with just a single video which you will create. Then, the goal is to make your target viewer watch that single video so that YouTube’s algorithm will recognize that that person is interested in your content. Having said that, when you create another video that is related to that topic, YouTube will use that, along with your old videos, as a recommended video to your target audience whenever they open up their YouTube or search for a video.

With that, strategizing your content by using the Spider Web Effect will help you attract your ideal viewers and subscribers. They could also become your potential clients and customers if you are also offering a certain service or product.

Interesting Content

When you come to think of it, this sounds like a no-brainer when creating a YouTube channel. However, I’ve still decided to include it on this list of my SIMPLE YouTube strategy. That is because sometimes, even though it can be an interesting topic for your audience, we might be using some words or phrases that make it less interesting for our viewers because of our familiarity with that content/topic.

For example, some people search about a topic so that they can learn. With that, we should structure our content in a way that we would meet their needs, which is to learn. One of the ways to actually know the interests of your target audience, other than keyword research, is by searching about a certain topic and then looking at the top 10 related videos to that topic.


This tip is to make sure that your content in your YouTube videos can also be turned into a blog post. There are a lot of content creators out there that were able to grow their Instagram audience. However, some of them did not really grow their e-mail list and make their content monetizable. I’m a huge proponent of creating YouTube content for a couple of reasons. First, I find YouTube videos extremely engaging for your audience, and second, it has longevity.

Longevity means that the content that I have already created, and will soon create, can still gather some views even after weeks or months or even years from when I have created it. It doesn’t require me extra effort to do that. People will just keep on seeing my content on YouTube years from now. When I checked my YouTube Analytics, half of my most watched videos were from years ago. People still see it because of the YouTube recommendations, search results, or related videos. That is something that YouTube has an edge over other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Moreover, if you start creating YouTube videos and wanted to branch out your content to another platform, a blog is the best thing that I can recommend for you. I’ve also created content about easily turning your YouTube videos into a blog post. I have provided information on a couple of ways you could do that, and you can check it out here!


The next thing in my SIMPLE YouTube strategy is about Passion. Create the content that you are actually passionate about. Because if you’re not creating the content that you’re passionate about, you’re just going to get bored. Eventually, you might also be burned out given that you’re spending a lot of time in creating that content.

Earlier, I mentioned about creating interesting content for your audience as part of your YouTube strategy. However, this tip also tells you that you should also create the content that you’re interested in. One of the things that content creators do to find out if they’re really interested in that topic is to think of 100 different related topics about that content. Because if you’re really passionate about it, then you can surely create lots of ideas about it. Even if you became inactive on YouTube and your blog for a long time, people are still seeing your content. With that, you can easily just pick up where you left off unlike in those other platforms I’ve mentioned.

Long-Term, Long Form

I have also mentioned that having a blog is the perfect platform for branching out your contents on YouTube. Remember that a blog is not necessarily going to help you grow your YouTube channel. However, it is going to help you get a bigger audience, especially if you want your email list to grow. Also, having a blog aside from your YouTube channel kind of doubles the exposure of your content in the search results.

There are no problems in using other platforms for your content like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and so on. To be honest, I also like using those platforms, but I only see those platforms as a supplement for the contents of your main platform, which is YouTube. That is because the algorithms on those other platforms don’t give your content the longevity that YouTube and a blog offer.


This last tip in my SIMPLE YouTube strategy is probably the most important yet most overlooked among the other tips. Creating a content that is easy for you is the most basic and obvious thing that you should consider adding to your strategy, especially if you’re just starting out with your YouTube channel.

Creating easy content means that you don’t need to hire a production crew or any other addition to the manpower. You should create the content that you know you can do by yourself. This applies to the pre-production, production, and post-production part of your content. If you’re new to video shooting and editing, make sure that you create a video that will just require minimal or basic editing. Then you can give yourself some time to learn before actually advancing the complexity of the videos that you create.

Just Get Started!

Now that I’ve shared my SIMPLE YouTube strategy with you, I would like to emphasize that the most important thing right now is to just get started. You don’t need to worry and try to compare yourself to another content creator, because you will someday get to that point. The most important thing that you should just be concerned with is to get started.

Creating YouTube content is like an art form, with you being the artist. If you don’t get started, then you can never get to the level of progress that you’ve been dreaming to achieve. So my advice for you is to start testing the waters, get the hang of it, just keep on learning, and start with something easy!

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