The LAST Video Pursuit Podcast Episode

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There are some big changes ahead for this podcast and some of my other platforms, and I want to share them with you!

Listen to Episode 49:  The LAST Video Pursuit Podcast Episode

So first I want to talk about where this podcast has been. I always just assume that people who listen to this podcast follow me on other platforms like Instagram, and you can find me at on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. If you follow me on all those platforms, you would know that I haven’t been anywhere. I’ve been on those platforms, I just haven’t been recording podcast episodes.

Reaching Goals?

One of the reasons why I just had to back off from podcasting is because I wanted to focus as much energy as possible into my YouTube channel. As you know, I’m a big fan of YouTube and I set a goal at the beginning of the year to reach 100,000 YouTube subscribers. We’re at about 46,000 right now, and we’re halfway to the end of the year. I’m just going to call it and say, it’s probably not happening, and that’s okay because my business is actually better than ever, revenue-wise. My revenue is up so there’s no correlation with whether I hit my YouTube subscriber goals or not.

Delegating Tasks to Release More Content

We can talk more about hitting or not hitting YouTube subscriber goals in another episode, which we probably will. In order to put my energy into creating video content, I had to take a break from the podcast, which is interesting because the podcast is not that difficult. Technically, I just open up Adobe audition and I make sure my microphone is plugged in. I hit the record button and I start talking. That part is easy. Even editing. It is easy, but going through the motions of uploading it and figuring out what the title should be, and then doing the show notes and turning it into a blog post, all that stuff is like soul-sucking for me. So even with my YouTube videos, I’ve been working with an overseas virtual assistant, Elisha, who’s doing a fantastic job of turning my YouTube videos into blog posts.

I also have a US-based assistant. She is technically considered my Integrator. If you’re familiar with Gino Wickman and his books Rocket Fuel and Traction, then you’ll know what an Integrator is. If you don’t, then you should read those books if you have a business. So she’s essentially my Executive Assistant, Stephanie, and she’ll be working on helping me get this podcast published and get it out to you every Monday.

Let’s Talk About the Future

  • Video Pursuit SocietyIf you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I have a membership program called the Video Pursuit Society. It is a monthly membership to increase your audience and income with YouTube through weekly action plans and support calls in a private community. So you’re always taking the right steps in the right direction toward your goals. The Video Pursuit Society is staying. I love the Video Pursuit Society and the people who are in it, and I’ll be opening the doors to that in the near future.
  • Channel Growth Lab – I also still have the Channel Growth Lab, which is an 8-week group coaching program where I walk a select number of people through my Search and Rescue Method system for starting and growing your YouTube channel by showing up as the hero in your niche and tapping into YouTube search and recommendation algorithm. This is perfect for someone just starting out on YouTube and wants that handholding versus DIY figure-it-out-on-your-own kind of thing. So we go through my system step-by-step, I review all of what they’re working on including their keyword research, their optimization, monetization, and all that good stuff. The Channel Growth Lab will also be staying.
  • Social Video Pro – I released a brand new course in May called Social Video Pro, which is essentially YouTube video editing for beginners. I wanted something that was accessible because teaching video editing is not exactly quick or easy. There are all different levels of understanding and lots of different software programs. So I put together a course that I felt like was really aligned with my YouTube channel, where I teach a lot of video editing tutorials and answer a lot of questions about not just creating and editing YouTube videos, but also how to convert them and repurpose them for other platforms like IGTV, for example, or video pins for Pinterest. Social Video Pro is open at all times, and won’t be changing very much.

Helping You Thrive With Your Side Hustle

I am really passionate about helping people who already have a busy life, such as a full time job and kids. I think the reason I am passionate about helping those people with YouTube and video content and starting an online business is because that’s where I was. I remember sitting at my desk at my full-time job, and I remember just sitting there thinking, “I know I have all the skills that I need to have my own business, but I’m sitting here at a plastic table helping to build somebody else’s business.”

As much as I actually did love my job and the people that I worked with, I just felt like there was more for me and I didn’t know how to start, or what direction to even go in. I started asking questions, listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and investing in courses in order to find that.

I’m really passionate for that type of person that knows there’s something else out there. They like the idea of YouTube, and like Instagram and social media and they think, “I kind of want to do that.” And I sort of imagine this is going to sound so dorky, but I sort of imagined myself as their camp counselor. I want to be like, “Come with me, let’s stick together and be friends, and help each other through getting started and tapping into your mission and your advantages. I’m also a super duper introvert. So there’s also a place in my heart for introverts who think, “I want to do more than just sit in the corner, but I literally don’t know how to get out of the corner and get out of that quiet spot where nobody can see me.”

So what I really do is help people thrive with their side hustle using video. It took me a while to come around to using the word side hustle because there can be some negative connotation with the word hustle. I don’t want to encourage people to just hustle your face off until you die, but I do really want people to hustle for their own dreams and their own goals instead of hustling for someone else’s dreams, goals, and missions.

So after consulting with a peer group of YouTube mastermind friends, I decided that side hustle is the appropriate term. I am, in fact, talking to side hustlers. That’s who I want to help the most is that “side hustle” kind of mentality of people who really want to hustle for their dreams.

Same Great Content, New Name

To sum everything up nicely: I am here to help you help your side hustle thrive with video. So with that, the podcast is going to be renamed to either “The Thriving Side Hustle” or “The Thriving Side Hustler.” or possibly just “Thriving Side Hustle” or “Thriving Side Hustler.” I’m not totally sure which one to choose. Then my free Facebook group will be renamed also to something like, “Thriving Side Hustler Video Creator Community” to match the new Podcast brand.

So the next time you hear my voice in your earbuds or through your speakers, this will be the Thriving Side Hustle Podcast.

Thank You For Your Support!

Thank you for listening and supporting me. Just by subscribing to my podcast is supporting me, but if you would leave a review that would support me even more, especially if you’re using iTunes because the iTunes reviews help other people find this podcast. So that would be amazing if you would do that for me, but what I really love is when people connect with me on Instagram and tell me, “Hey, I just heard you on your podcast.” My handle on Instagram is So come and don’t just follow me, actually send me a direct message and say, “Hey, Meredith, I’m listening to your podcast.”

Mostly, I just want to say thank you for sticking with me. This is the last episode of the Video Pursuit Podcast, because episode number 50 is going to be the Thriving Side Hustle. I’ll see you there!