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Video Pursuit Society: ALL MY BEST STUFF

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If I could tell you one thing right now… it’s that NOTHING is going to help you monetize your side hustle like a powerful YouTube strategy paired with multiple revenue streams. That’s why I’ve packed all of my best stuff into my membership program, Video Pursuit Society, including the Profit Lab Masterclass. Checkout VPS here:

Listen to Episode 53: Video Pursuit Society: ALL MY BEST STUFF

Video Pursuit Society 5-Day Challenge

I just wrapped up my 5-day challenge called, “5 Days to Build Your Profitable Side Hustle with YouTube.” I had great participation from everyone taking part in the challenge, and it was a blast! I’m really excited to welcome all the new members to the Video Pursuit Society!

So what is the Video Pursuit Society, and how can you get access to my Profit Lab Masterclass for free?

What is the Video Pursuit Society?

I created the Video Pursuit Society, a membership program for side hustle content creators who want to leverage the power of video and YouTube to start and grow a profitable side hustle, so that you can be the boss of your own future. Even if you have a full-time job, a busy family, and a life. Because that’s exactly what I have done.

The content you create on YouTube has longevity thanks to the fact that it is a search and recommendation engine. When your videos are getting views months and even years down the road, you are also earning passive income.

Since 70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by the recommendation algorithm, the Search & Rescue Method is the fastest way to grow your YouTube channel.

And the good news is, the complete Search & Rescue Method course is included in the Video Pursuit Society!

When you show up as a search result or recommended channel again and again for your ideal viewers, you become the “hero” in your niche. The go-to person on the biggest social media platform on the planet!

If you’ve been trying to grow your YouTube channel but you haven’t seen much growth lately, could it be that you simply didn’t know the right steps to take? Or the right direction to go?

The Video Pursuit Society is designed to guide you through exactly that: the right steps in the right direction.

In addition to the bonuses you’ll see below, when you join the Video Pursuit Society you also get my $297 Profit Lab Masterclass completely free. And you can keep it even if you cancel your membership.

What is Included in the Video Pursuit Society

1. Video Pursuit Success Map

Use the map to discover whether you’re a “starter,” “scaler,” or “stellar” creator. This will help you determine your next right steps so that you’re always moving in the right direction for your goals. (valued at $47)

2. Weekly Action Plans

Receive Weekly Action Plans to implement in less than an hour so that you’re always improving your Youtube strategy. This can help you prevent a plateau. (valued at $597)

3. Complete Search & Rescue Method Course

This course will help you create consistent weekly content. So this will allow you to build your library of YouTube videos, and gain views and subscribers for years to come. (valued at $497)

  • Module 1: Discover the fast way for coming up with 100+ video topic ideas. It sounds like A LOT, but trust the process! It’s actually really fun and easy what’s you get started.
  • Module 2: Set your channel up for success by filling in all the SEO “blanks.” There are a few hiding spots for keywords on your channel, so together, we’ll cover every nook and cranny.
  • Module 3: Learn the C.A.K.E. factor. My quick, easy hack for instantly “scoring” your video topic ideas to see if they’re truly viable. This is a fun lesson!
  • Module 4: Get the stepbystep process for how the “SAVE ME” series works. Learn how to implement it to maximize the algorithm’s potential.
  • Module 5: Learn how to tap into YouTube’s recommendation engine by scripting your videos effectively and nailing your watch time!
  • Module 6: Learn how to build the trust factor and look legit. The goal is for first-time viewers to see you as an authority and take you seriously.
  • Module 7: Helps you to not overcomplicate your creative process. In this module, you’ll learn how to shoot polished videos without taking all day.
  • Module 8 is HUGE because you must make sure that all your keywords are in place. Make you’re utilizing all of the features that YouTube has to offer, to enhance your viewers’ experience on your channel.

4. Private Facebook Community

Join us inside the VPS members-only Facebook group, where you’ll get support from fellow side-hustle content creators who “get it!”

In a nutshell, you’ll discover how to trigger the YouTube algorithm and grow your audience every time you publish a video with The Search & Rescue Method.

The Profit Lab Masterclass – Free!

In The Profit Lab Masterclass, included in your membership, you’ll get the exact steps to earning $1000 a month by monetizing your video content. Even if you have a small audience (or you’re just starting out).

What is the Profit Lab Masterclass?

If you have the desire to show up online and bring value to the world through your work, I believe your success is inevitable when you have a proven system to follow.

BUT most new content creators believe that you have to be at a certain level or subscriber count before you can make money with YouTube.

There are dozens of proven revenue streams you can implement on your channel from day one. A lot of them are even passive income streams!

And that’s what I teach inside of my $297 program, Profit Lab Masterclass, included when you join the Video Pursuit Society.

In the masterclass, I show you 15+ ways to monetize your YouTube content and a plan for earning $1000/month, even with a small channel. I show you a couple of different ways to mix and match these different revenue streams to work for you on your YouTube Channel. So as your audience grows, your income grows.

The Profit Lab Masterclass is my gift to you when you sign up for my Video Pursuit Society Monthly Membership program, for just $49 per month!

You can cancel at any time. There’s no contract, no obligations, and no matter what, you can keep my masterclass for life.

What is Included in the Profit Lab Masterclass?

Get the exact steps to earning $1000 a month by monetizing your video content. Even if you have a small audience (or you’re just starting out).

Going beyond monetizing your channel with ads, you’ll discover:

  • how to implement affiliate marketing from the beginning so that as your channel grows, your income grows
  • the ins and outs of how to work with brands and get paid for sponsored content and brand deals
  • the exact steps for creating a revenue-generating blog by repurposing your video content.

There are three lessons and a handful of bonuses inside the Profit Lab Masterclass. We talk about affiliate marketing, working with brands, and 15 different ways to monetize your YouTube channel and make revenue. We are not just talking about YouTube ads.

You also get these great bonuses:

Monthly Support Q&A Calls to get all your questions answered and always know what your next steps are. 

Expert Masterclasses to learn what’s working right for top content creators. This includes creating Epic Thumbnails, Working with Brands (for money!), Email Marketing for Beginners, Pinterest for Video Creators, and creating a Profitable Blogging Road Map

Channel Boost Checklist with 3 easy things you can do this weekend to get more subscribers without recording, editing, or publishing any new videos.

Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek into creating, launching, and profiting from your own digital products.

As I mentioned, whenever you sign up for the Video Pursuit Society you also get the Profit Lab Masterclass. This is absolutely free as a special thank you for joining.

Is the Video Pursuit Society For You?

The only thing you need to ask yourself is: Are you willing to put in the effort to grow your side hustle with YouTube and video content?

So you have to be willing to put in the time and effort in order to make your YouTube channel successful.

What if You Missed The 5-Day Challenge?

All of the lessons, live streams, and the workbook from the Build Your Profitable Side Hustle with YouTube 5-Day Challenge are inside the Video Pursuit Society. They are not available anywhere else outside of the Video Pursuit Society. So as a member, you will have access to all of these great resources.

If you would like to be on the waitlist to join the next time I open the doors to the Video Pursuit Society, visit and put in your email address. You will get a notification of when the next 5-Day Challenge will be, and when the doors to the Video Pursuit Society will open.

I've packed all my best stuff into my membership program, the Video Pursuit Society, to help you monetize your side hustle with YouTube!