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Vlog Like a Boss [Book Giveaway]

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Last week on my podcast, The VidPro Studio Show, I interviewed Amy Schmittauer from the Savvy Sexy Social YouTube channel. She just released her first book called Vlog Like A Boss (affiliate link) and I have an extra copy to give away!

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Vlog Like A Boss

I started watching Amy’s channel a few years ago… before I started my own channel, and she has been a huge inspiration and I’ve learned so much from her. So I love this book and it’s A LOT of really insightful information from someone has over a thousand videos on YouTube. She knows what she’s doing… I guess that’s why she’s the Vlog Boss.

If you are someone who already has a YouTube channel or you’re someone who is on the fence about getting in front of the camera starting a YouTube channel, there is no time like the present… grab Amy’s book!

Anyway, I had a chance to talk with Amy for episode #13 of the podcast, and in that episode, I also let you know how you can enter to win a copy of the book for yourself. You can listen to the show on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and all the other podcast places. So look for episode 13 with Amy Schmittauer for all the details on that. The details for entering to win Amy’s book are all in the podcast!

If Vlogging Like a Boss sounds right up your alley, then you might be interested in the eBook that I wrote this past Saturday between folding laundry and doing housework.

As you probably know or might not know, I have a blog that goes along with everything I do here on my YouTube channel (you’re reading it now!). So YouTube, Blog, podcast. I’m like a little media company over here. But my blog has a huge part of what I do – teaching people how to create fun-to-watch GoPro videos, hobby videos, and family movies. So I wrote an eBook about how blogging and YouTube go together like Rainbows and Unicorns.

My book is called 10 Things I Wish Bloggers Knew About YouTube. That’s a free download over at . I actually discuss 5 of those 10 things in the podcast episode that’s out today, which is episode #14 – it’s a solo episode, so it’s just me talking. To myself. And you.

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