3 Mistakes That Make Your Videos Look SUPER Cheesy

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Oh boy.

Now, I’m not one to criticize your personal home movies or rad GoPro videos. So, why start now?

Well, because I want people to enjoy watching your videos. Your family, friends, random strangers on the internet (example: me) – videos are fun to watch, and usually the moments worth capturing in video are also worth re-living.

So let’s create videos that are fun and engaging and not… cringe-worthy.

Elaborate Transitions

Plain old jump cuts are the quickest and easiest way to transition from one clip to another.

Explainer Titles

A very simple “When & Where” title at the beginning of your video will do.

Zoomy Zoom Stills

Adding still photos into your videos is a great idea! Just go easy on the “Ken Burns Affect” of animated zooming.

All these things are time-consuming! They add time to your editing, exporting, and uploading plus, y’all… they’re so dang cheesy!

I hope this video was helpful for you, and I want to see what you create! Let’s connect on social media – I’m VidProMom in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Leave me a comment below with a link to your YouTube channel so I can subscribe!