Best and Worst Screen Recording Apps 2024

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Are you a YouTube creator or online business owner looking to build a binge-worthy YouTube channel? Screen recordings can be an easy way to achieve this goal, but video quality, ease of recording, and a polished edit are critical factors to consider. So let’s talk about the best and worst screen recording apps, because one of these is I think the best and one of them is the worst in my opinion.

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Old Standbys: ScreenFlow and Camtasia

When it comes to screen recording apps, we can’t ignore the old standbys: ScreenFlow and Camtasia. ScreenFlow is only compatible with Mac, while Camtasia works with both Windows and Mac. These apps are like the wise grandfathers of screen recording apps. They not only allow you to record your screen but also offer robust editing features. You can easily zoom in or out, add arrows, highlight sections, and more. However, these apps are on the more expensive side when it comes to software.

Worst Screen Recording App: Zoom

I think Zoom is the worst app that you could use to record your screen recordings. I know you probably already have it, it’s probably already easy for you to use. However, Zoom is world-class meeting software, not screen recording software. And it shows in the quality. If you’re establishing your video brand, growing your audience, and creating valuable content, the quality of the screen you’re recording matters. Fortunately, there are much better affordable and free options available.

Desktop Trick for Recording Your Screen

If you’re recording your desktop, you may have a cluttered screen with icons all over the place. But don’t worry, I have a desktop trick to help you out. Create a custom background image in Canva with crop marks of exactly where to crop your screen recording. Set your crop marks to be exactly a 16:9 ratio, so 1920×1080. This way, you know that when you’re recording your screen, you’re recording exactly what you can crop within your edited video. You can also add a super transparent version of your logo for added branding.

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Free Desktop Recording Apps

If you need to do a quick screen recording, QuickTime is a great option for Mac users. If you’re not on a Mac, take a look at OBS. OBS is a free screen recording option for Windows that has higher quality than Zoom. However, editing your screen recordings can get complicated, especially if your videos are in-depth and longer.


Streamers are an option you may not be aware of if you’ve only been looking for screen recording apps. For example, Ecamm is a streaming software for Mac that’s also a great recording software for talking head and recording your screen at the same time. If you’re on a PC, you might want to look at something like StreamYard.

Editing Your Screen Recordings

When it comes to editing your screen recordings, there are several options available. Loom and Canva are great for quick recordings that you need to share with your friend or maybe a short training video for your assistant or coworker. Descript is great for more in-depth videos that require editing. Before publishing your videos on YouTube, it’s always a good idea to polish them in Premiere Pro. This video editing software can help you make your videos look and sound as good as possible, ensuring that your content is engaging and informative for your audience.

The Best: Tella

When it comes to quality, ease of recording, and creating a polished edit, Tella is the best screen recording app. You can record your desktop screen using the app on your computer or just using the browser-based version of the software. With just a few clicks of a button, you can create a screen recording with zoom in and a customized background branded to you. You can even record your face and your screen at the same time and choose where you want your face to go. I absolutely love how easy it is to create a polished screen recording with Tella.

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When it comes to screen recording apps, there are several options available, both free and paid. Screen recording apps are an essential tool for YouTube video creators and online business owners looking to create polished, informative content. By utilizing the best screen recording apps, like Tella, ScreenFlow, and Camtasia, and editing software like Descript and Premiere Pro, you can create high-quality screen recordings that will engage and inform your audience.