Descript’s New AI Functions

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In the ever-revolving world of video editing and content creation, Descript has consistently pushed the bounderies with its innovative features and cutting-edge technology. Recently, Descript went through a little bit of a quite glow up and noticed a TON of new tools that Descript is calling your “new creative sidekick”.

If you’re a video creator, podcaster, or just someone who works with recorded audio and video, you would want to check out these new exciting features of Descript which are extremely impressive!

VIDEO: Descript’s New AI Functions are SCARY good

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From streamlining the editing process to enhancing content clarity and generating engaging promotional materials, Descript’s latest update is poised to redefine the landscape of video editing and content creation. Moreover, the latest update empowers creators and professionals to work smarter, not harder.

1. Find Good Clips

Wether you’re looking for high-energy selections, emotional highlights, or specific keywords, this feature uses advanced algorithms to analyze your video and identify the most compelling moments automatically that will save your valuable time and effort.

2. Edit for Clarity

This function harnesses the power of AI to enhance the clarity and comprehensibility of your video content. It can automatically remove filler words, awkward pauses, and other distracting elements, resulting in a more polished and engaging final product.

3. Script Generator and Script Rewriter

Simply provide a basic outline or idea, and the AI will generate a complete script or rewrite an existing one, saving you countless hours of writing and rewriting.

4. Remove Retakes

Descript’s “Remove Retakes” feature uses intelligent algorithms to identify and eliminate these unwanted sections to ensure a seamless final product.

5. Summarizer

Whether you’re working on a podcast, interview, or long-form video, Descript’s Summarizer tool can automatically generate concise summary of your content. This feature is important in creating show notes, video descriptions, or even repurposing content for social media or blog posts.

6. Podcast Show Notes and Youtube Descriptions

Descript takes the hassle of creating comprehensive podcast show notes and Youtube description in just a few clicks. In addition, these functions will also include the complete timestamps and key highlights.

7. Social Post Writer

Descript’s Social Post Writer analyzes your video or audio content, and generates engaging social media posts. This function can be tailored to specific platforms and optimized for maximum engagement.

8. Chapter Generator

Enhance the viewing experience for your audience by automatically generating chapters or segments within your videos. Descript’s Chapter Generator analyzes the content and creates logical chapter breaks, making it easier for viewers to navigate and engage with your material.

9. Turn into Blog Post

Finally, repurposing content has never been more efficient. Descript’s “Turn into Blog Post” feature takes your video or audio transcripts and transforms them into well-structured blog posts, complete with headings, formatting, and even suggested images. This tool opens up new possibilities for content repurposing and cross-platform promotion.

Learn more about Descript’s amazing AI-tools with the use of my Descript Cheat Sheet.

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