Email Marketing Hack for YouTube Creators

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Who wants one more thing to do? Yeah, me either… Which is why I get a lot of pushback when I mention the importance of email marketing and growing your email list as a YouTube creator. We’re already doing so much as it is! Let’s be honest: hitting send on a mass email to your list is just not as much of a dopamine hit as hitting publish on a YouTube video… but it’s a hidden hack you’re missing out on if you skip it.

YouTube Email Marketing doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming… in fact, you don’t even have to WRITE emails to take advantage of this extremely effective strategy! Let me show you what I do.

VIDEO: My 3-minute Email Marketing Hack for YouTube Creators

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The “Video Writes the Email” Approach

Here’s the main point behind this strategy: you don’t actually have to write the email copy from scratch! Instead, you let your brand-new video do the work for you.

Think about it – you’ve already crafted an attention-grabbing title, enticing description, and compelling hook in your video’s opening lines. We’re just going to repurpose and repackage that existing content into an email that tells your subscribers about the new video and why they should watch it.

Here are the simple building blocks you’ll need:

  1. Email Subject Line: Use the title of your new YouTube video
  2. Long Hook: Copy and paste the first 2-3 lines you say on the video video
  3. Short Hook: A shortened version of the long hook. Reduce your opening lines down to 1 super compelling sentence
  4. Video Title and Thumbnail: Which you already have!
  5. Description: The description you wrote for your new YouTube video

Just grab those pieces from your new video upload and plop them into your email draft. Bam! You’ve got an engaging, promotional email ready to go out to your list in under 3 minutes.

A Step-by-Step Example of YouTube Email Marketing

Let’s make this real by going through an actual example. For one of my recent videos 6 Things I QUIT to Go from Part-Time YouTuber to 6-Figures, here’s how I built the email:

Subject Line: 6 Things I QUIT to Go from Part-Time YouTuber to 6-Figures

Long Hook: It is the long hook. “Buckle up! I want to share 6 things I stopped doing to go from part-time YouTuber to six-figure business owner.”

Short Hook: P.S. is the short hook. “Allow me to share some invisible stuff that goes into growing part-time YouTuber to 6 figures.”

Video Title and Thumbnail: Copy the title and URL

Description: I copied/pasted the description I wrote for the YouTube upload.

I use ConvertKit which makes it simple. I just drop those pieces into my email draft, and the video thumbnail and link get automatically embedded. And with one click, that email is ready to send to my whole list!

The Caveat for YouTubers

One quick caveat specifically for us YouTube creators: don’t email your list right away the SECOND you hit publish on your new video. That’s a rookie move!

Instead, give the YouTube algorithm some time to analyze your new video and start figuring out who to put it in front of organically. I’ve been advised to wait at least a day before sending traffic directly to that new upload from an email blast or social post.

After that, go ahead and schedule or send your email promoting your latest video to your list! That way, you’re not disrupting YouTube’s natural process. Let the algorithm do the algorithm things before you start sending traffic to the video.

Make Your YouTube Emails Go Further

Once you have that email created, you can easily repurpose the different sections to promote your new video across other channels too. Use the opening and closing hooks as bite-sized social media posts to tease your new upload. Or compile several hooks into content threads on platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

The more places you put your new video content out there, the more chances you have for fans to see it and new viewers to discover you!

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There you have it – my simple system for promoting new YouTube videos to your email list in just a few minutes. No more stressing over coming up with clever email copy from scratch. Just re-package the ingredients you’ve already created into an engaging email that gives your audience a compelling reason to go watch your latest and greatest video.

So next time you’re prepping a new YouTube upload, take three extra minutes to assemble an email promoting that new video to your list. It’s an easy way to stretch your YouTube marketing fuel further while also growing and nurturing those high-value email connections.

Start building your email list today and put this dead simple strategy into action. Your future six-figure YouTuber self will thank you!

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